QUESTION: I just listened your podcast and was wondering if you could help me. My husband is 42 and has asked for new jeans for casual work events (he is a computer consultant). I’d like to surprise him for Valentine’s Day. He typically wears Levi’s 559 Relaxed Straight. (size 32 / 32). I’d ideally like to keep it under $100 if possible, but willing to go up if I need to. Attached is a recent pictures of him.

Could you give me some suggestions?
Thanks, Denise

ANSWER: Hi Denise,

Thank you for your denim submission… you have a beautiful family .. I love the room the photo was taken in! My denim suggestion would be the Hudson 5-pocket Relaxed Straight leg (SMITHFIELD WASH)… Once he puts these on he’ll never want to turn back to his Levi’s. These are ultra soft and easy to wear everyday. The leg line is strong and the wash is a medium blue but still clean without aggressive fading. I recommend moving up to a size 33. Slightly over $100.00 but I can assure you denim retailing under $100.00 will not get you the premium denim experience that the industry was built upon. They are not rumors… the love is real! The key price difference in premium denim vs non premium denim is where they are made and the quality of cotton that is used. Made in the USA… brought to you straight from LA! The best way to get your denim and the price you want is to find a local retailer and have them call you when they have denim hit sale. If you are just starting to build your collection shop smart but we all splurge on our first pair.

 Nordstrom Rack & Saks off 5th are great places you can score premium denim at around $70.00 making it easy on your pocket-book and good for your toosh! I always suggest finding a small independently owned specialty boutique in your area… they need the business and will always call you when they have a killer sale on something they know you would like.
PPD would also be a good fit for your hubby…

Denim is a gift that keeps on giving…

 For you my dear… I would suggest trying Paige Premium Denim in the Hidden Hills Mckinnley Wash. Paige was an original fit model for several brands until she started her own denim collection. He jeans run a size small so make sure you size up. If you are a size 8 I would suggest buying a size 30 etc…
Happy Valentines Day.. I hope I got back to you in time to do your shopping!
All my denim love,
Your Butt Therapist