The Kahunas


Interesting how men e-mail me and ask for help when women seem to think they will never stop and ask for directions. I have to say nearly 6 months in NYC; the men out dress the women HANDS DOWN …and it’s not that I think they are more style savvy … but they have decided they do not need to be personally responsible for knowing how to put their wardrobe together and asked for help. This one characteristic of caring less actually has a greater impact. Ladies… come on! You have a hair stylist, a manicurist, a hair removal artist, an esthetician, a dermatologist, a mechanic, a babysitter damn it start using a stylist and maybe she will find your self-esteem that seems to still be missing. You are beautiful and deserve to feel like a million bucks every day without spending around $20,000 on vanity services a year and still stress EVERY MORNING about what you are going to wear and complain about your wretched wardrobe over mimosa’s. Trust!

Guy’s thanks for having the kahunas to shoot me an e-mail and attach a photo; YOU ROCK!

Denim QUESTION: Hi, I recently listened to your podcast re: 30+ jeans advise. I am 43 years old, 6’2″ and 175 lbs, looking for jeans I can wear both casually and also with a nice shirt, blazer. Looking to buy a pair of 7 for all Mankind Standard fit jeans in the Mercer wash. Are these appropriate for my age and body type? Other brands I should look at? Thanks, Rod

Answer from The Butt Therapist: Thanks Rod- good choice for breaking out of your ordinary denim you’ve made a great pick check the length!!!!- You may want to dive into a pair of Earnest Sewn Fuller in 06 Maz Dark $117.00. It is a dark wash with a few whiskers but the nicest thing about Earnest Sewn is that their pocket placement complements a blazer nicely. The denim is strong, slightly edgy and an understated for business but you know it’s something a little more special that a pair of 7’s.  The leg opening is much more forgiving on your shoe selection as they puddle easily. {that’s a good thing}. Hudson would be my 2nd choice… in the Harper 5-pocket Slim Straight in the Mercer wash $154.00. 

Jeans should float 2/8 of an inch from the ground with your shoes on; you may not be a 32 inseam.

All my denim Love,

Your Butt Therapist