The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen

What’s a sock? If you were to ask Vivek Nagrani, he’d tell you “everything, a sock is an accessory that distinguishes a gentleman from the masses”. I had the opportunity to catch up with my favorite sock whore over a drink and get the dirty details of the Dirty Dozen.

Nagrani — who was born in India, moved to Brooklyn as a young child, and graduated from USC in 1994 with a Business degree but didn’t just toss his hat and dive into the sock business. I mean who are we kidding- in 1994 did denim really matter? To me yes, but the average Joe only thought was his shirt. Times are changing and frankly, if you’re sock drawer still consists of white athletic socks, black dress socks, and random mis-matched grey’s…. Hunnie, it is time to evolve and take life a little less seriously and your sock drawer a little more seriously! It’s the small things in life that can give you the greatest rewards.

Why socks? “because of jeans” with the rise of full-time casual dressing, the high-low concept V found himself uninspired by his sock drawer. We’ve got amazing options for sport jackets, signature shirts, cool jeans, denim belts, and casual shoes made for jeans but then you guys have been left with shitty athletic socks or black dress socks that bunch up in your shoe.

“Why, I ask, can a man be put on the moon, but we cannot make a sock that stays up?”-VK Nagrani… and so it all began…. Vivek designed and produced his first 312 pairs of socks; why 312… it was all he could afford at the time. Today, staying true to his heritage he only creates 312 units of every each color. So, if you like a design you’d better snag it.

VK’s favorite jeans: The Levi’s 501 tweeked by a tailor to trim the leg….

When are you bringing the Casanova Sock back: … HE STILL WON’T TELL ME!

You can find V with a great bottle of wine and an assortment of colored pencils designing the next season’s collections that men will be fighting over to feed their new found addiction. “A man will match his sock to his trousers; a gentleman will match his sock to his mood.” VK Nagrani


V is passionate about socks.. and underwear   He is proud to have “changed the way men view a product they never really thought about” and he has changed the way the industry, stylists, and brands view a sock as well. From playing with toys to playing with your style, life should always have a playful touch. There is a reason why it’s called a Lifestyle!  There are two sock collections that he produces. One is part of the VK Nagrani Collection and the other is a brand new Collection that is for the tastefully absurd. Ugly Vix; good style gone bad! When the fear subsides and you feel the power you’ve gained by taking this sartorial adventure and begin buying items that move you and YOU actually like; you’ll enjoy a little bit more of your day. If yu are willing to to sport something more tastefully absurd Ugly Vix is there to carry on; with an assortment of forward designs playfully priced so you don’t kill the bank; playing.  His “basic” socks start at $30.00 and up from there. You and I both know that you need a sartorial kick in the pants.

Did you know that Fred Astair had a thing for orange socks? What is your style? Your wife or g/f shopping for you is not YOUR style and you are doing yourself a huge injustice by letting them choose for you. Find your style and then let them re-fill the closet with YOU in mind, if you must. Finding your style is not an easy task, it take some getting to know yourself and you have to learn what the options are. Everyone is overwhelmed when walking into most stores; thankfully that’s why specialty stores exist. They offer a small assortment of great product with a specific perspective and they come along with a stylist to help guide the way for no extra charge. Vivek is one of the few that have more style than the average Joe, and can get away with wearing a table cloth as a cape because he’s just that…. je ne sais quoi. Thie difference: he owns it and rocks it with a kick in his step and you know he’s not gay. So, I don’t want to hear it. If a man can wear a sock with some personality…still be professional and successful; so can you. I know plenty! There was a day when a man wore a sock up to his knee where it kissed their trousers buttoned just below the knee. Could you imagine what the Aristocrats would have done if they could have gotten a hold of these babies… I’m sure Michelangelo would have had a bit more fun!

The sock trend started by the fashion aristocracy that frequent the menswear shows each year in Milan, Paris, and New York. You guys don’t have as many choices in menswear as women do but your ability to execute flawlessly and express your style and personality through your wardrobe has a higher success rate than it does for women. Socks are in the same category as a tie and pocket square and what makes it so versatile is its heritage among dandies and rebels alike. Socks are a subtle way to add a bit of personality into your wardrobe. They should never be a statement piece; these are accessories not sportswear. If you are just now becoming curious about this steez you should let VK Nagrani sock it to ya; because it is just not the unique design, it’s a better sock; that will actually STAY UP!… and the ladies will always take notice.

Another oldie but goodie, we’ve got V shopping with one of his clients that is open to the idea of taking his boring daily ensemble to the next level. He’s got some great pointers on how to put it all together, choose a sock and take that pink shirt you’ve worn twice and turn it into your favorite. Every day in a blue shirt and navy suit can get mundane, day in and day out without and real accessories. Add a pocket square with a hint of orange, grab a brown, tan textured tie and grab a killer sock that complements the palate and you might just find you have a more productive day. The best thing about V is that he tells you as it is; just like myself when I was working with my clients- we’ll tell you if its bad, absurd, not YOU or a disaster. When we say it’s good- own it! I ain’t shittin’ ya! Our reputations rely’s on the complements you receive!

VK started with 312 socks so you could wear them with jeans, the best underwear so you can wear the right jeans and now has launched a sportswear collection for all the times you’re not sporting your denim. His lounge wear is amazingly soft with a modern style. His suiting is impeccable and travels well.

 SHOP NOW – don’t forget to you the coupon code “Golden Ticket” to make sure you get spoiled, because I’ve got a hook up for you.


——————————–The Dirty Dozen: Let VK choose 12 for pairs for you to get your sock drawer dialed in! 

Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist

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