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Q&A: AG Denim Retirement Party-


QUESTION: From Michael
Dear BT,


 I am an active, young feeling 60 year old, 5′ 11″ (and some change) 195 lbs. in fairly good shape. My go to’s right now are 6 year old AG’s “The Prime” 34 X 34. One pair is slightly darker and I have been wearing them to work on casual Fridays, but both recently developed small holes on the front thigh that – while acceptable from a worn-in standpoint – are unsuitable for the work environment.
I’m pretty much game for anything and while I’m not looking to spend a ton of money on jeans, I can afford it if needed. My ex certainly had no trouble talking me into spending a pretty penny for these as I recall. 😉 I can send F&B pictures wearing the AGs, if that will help.




ANSWER: From The Butt Therapist

Thank you for giving me a shot at solving your denim dilemma before you o shopping. First, Let’s talk about your go-to’s. I love AG Jeans… Mr. Woo is a man with integrity and he manufactures 100% MADE IN THE USA! Your jeans look good for 6 years old and always a great “go to” jean.
Your jeans:
The FRONT:  When your frame is very straight like yours slim cuts can be just as comfortable as relaxed fits; providing it’s the right jean for you.  I suggest avoiding “Relaxed” fitting jeans and stick to a simple “straight” cut.
The REAR: The AG pockets are too far apart from the center seam for your toosh and about 1/2 an inch too high. As you said your well-loved AG’s are 6 years old. Today you can bet a buck that these jeans have been re-designed and adjusted as the denim industry has been over the last couple years. You may find that you like the Geffen Straight Leg by AG Jeans.
Go To’s, they are the ones that are rarely folded and worn often. Your ex did a great job making sure you were not wearing “dad” jeans. BRAVO! However, I think there are a couple jean styles that are worth checking out to get your BEST fit.


My “Go To” pick is: Brand: Husdon Jeans Style: Langport five pocket Slim Straight Wash: Smithfield  Retail: $178.00
My “Work/Evening” Pick: Brand: Agave Denim Style: Pragmatist Wash: Capitola Indigo Flex  Retail: $235.00
My “Everyday” Pick: Brand: RRL by Ralph Lauren Style: The Straight #11750058 Wash: Rinse or Stillwater Retail: $230.00
HOW TO get the BEST fit. 

-There is room for your thumb to slide around the waistband.

-There is no more than 1/4 of an inch open gap around the rear of the waistband above your toosh. (you can always have a tailor take-in the waist to fit    if you love everything else about the fit of the jean).

-You should be able to pinch the fabric on the outside thigh about 1/2 an inch with-out pulling.

-Hem your jeans to be 1/8 of an inch from the floor with a “loafer” or “dress” shoe on but, no higher than 1/2 an inch. This is the lowest they will ever be.

-Great pocket placement!


Thank you Michael!
I hope I have helped you define your new favorite jeans!  I would love to hear about your  shopping experience if you venture beyond your computer. Can’t wait to know which jeans you choose to add in the rotation!
All My Denim Love,

-The Butt Therapist

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