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Lauren returns to Agave Nectar

Lauren Shafer, head designer for Agave Nectar Collection has put together a Fall 2011 collection that has all the elements that make the seasonal transition exciting. This is Lauren’s first full collection after returning from her 16 year “stay at home mom” hiatus. Now that the kids are older Jeff persuaded her to return designing together as the denim duo has been unstoppable. Lauren is as fanatical about fit as I am. She is an expert pattern maker and this season she made all of her own first samples. The fall 2011 collection consists of over 17 different styles of both denim and denim alternatives that are made of the finest Italian fabrics. Leather jackets have been added to the collection this fall to layer over an assortment of Supima cotton knits and sweaters.

I had the opportunity to meet Lauren a few months back while I tried on a pair of killer pink skinny’s. It was my first fit test since the original launch of Nectar in 2007. Her pattern making skills are nothing to be taken lightly. She has managed to translate a fit that directly affects our first instance in a fitting room; when you twist your hips and look over your shoulder in the mirror. The curved waistband and pocket placement is one of my ultimate favorites across the board. The Nectar denim collection is strong in value, integrity, quality and design. The sizes run true and the fabrics feel absolutely amazing. While the colors are rich and vibrant I have found that the dye is holding up in the wash and my jeans have worn in nicely; exceeding my initial expectations. So, if 7 for all Mankind’s pockets are too low for you,  if Paige Premium Denim’s are to high or if AG’s are too large than you just might find that Agave Nectar is the perfect fit. I must have a pair of White Oak Selvage this year as a souvenir from my tour of the denim mill in Greensboro, NC earlier this year.


Lauren’s top picks for fall are:


Dark Denim in supersoft & superstetch fabrics that go through an “Ozone washing” process that uses less water in production.

The Gothic grape colored denim

Italian vintage cords are a season must in wine or soft blue

The Chica jegging  in black Italian velvet is perfect for the Holiday’s

Supima cotton sweaters in rich color tones make fall just a little bit warmer


“New Fall fits “Listo” and “Fortuna” slim fit in a medium higher rise trouser and the Fusta riding jegging is one of my favorites!”– Lauren

“Lauren has a thorough understanding of the essence of the Agave brand and lifestyle. She embodies the same passion for design as her husband, but had chosen not to work outside the home because of her commitment to her family, a struggle every mother faces. This new move will enable the husband and wife team to work together and build a stronger women’s and men’s product offering in the coming seasons.  

Lauren Shafer has been sewing since she was thirteen, designing and making her own clothes through high school and graduating from FIDM in 1982.  Before deciding to park her career to become a full time mom, Lauren racked up over 12 years as pattern maker and designer in both the women’s and men’s sides of the business. She co-founded BC Ethic with Jeff Shafer and Ty Bowers in the early 90’s. When the couples’ first son Jacob was born, Lauren cut back working until replacements could be found. However she never gave up her passion for design and kept busy with design projects both inside and outside the home.

“The time is right for me take this on and work with Jeff and the rest of the team. My boys are very independent and so far are not being affected by my absence after school, as they are so busy themselves.  I am enjoying letting my creativity and passion grow now that I have the time to design again. Jeff and I work as a great team together and I have always understood and shared the passion for the brand that he does,” says Lauren Shafer.

 Fall 2011 will be Lauren’s first full collection as designer and it encompasses many categories including denim, corduroy, cotton twills, knitwear, sweaters and leather pieces. She has experimented with the design and production team for this first season to create a collection that is choc-a- bloc full of luxury fabrics and color as well as style.  A woman who enjoys quality and looks for the confidence and effortless elegance in design will love all the Fall 2011 collection brings.  “My collection consists of wonderful pieces that I would love to wear.”– Agave Denim Press Release 9/2011 By: Zoe Campbell

View the entire fall collection at www.agavedenim.com