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Jeans for Wishes


March 12th-16th

Make dreams come true for a child in Illinois by joining the Jeans for Wishes campaign! Companies, organizations and schools will join together this Spring and Summer to wear blue jeans  to raise funds to grant wishes for five children living in Illinois with life-threatening medical conditions for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

There are many flexible options for participation. A different date, timeframe or donation amount may be chosen to best suit that organization’s culture and interests.

1) Determine the dates of participation and donation amount. Suggested $5 for one day in Denim or $20 for employees to wear jeans ALL week to work and $2 for students rocking denim!

2) Register your organization

3) Receive via mail the Jeans for Wishes Starter Kit which includes a Make-A-Wish banner, stickers, balloons and other promotional materials

4) Participants make a donation and receive valuable coupons from Jeans for Wishes sponsors

Raise $100,000 to grant the wishes of five amazing children in Illinois.

Ethan, age 10 would like a service dog….

Diagnosis: Myoclonic Absence Seizures

Wish: A Specialized Service Dog that can help detect my seizures

What Ethan Loves to Do: Described by his mom as a very optimistic and brave with a big heart, Ethan loves go fishing with his family and throwing the ball around with his baseball team.  He loves to tell funny stories and dreams of being an architect when he grows up.

Why Ethan Chose His Wish: Ethan’s medical condition can cause up to 30 seizures in a single day.  Despite his battles for a normal life, he has very big dreams.  He was torn between two different wishes; going to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to see the sharks or having a seizure dog from a specialized canine training facility in California.  According to his mom, now Ethan is “not the kid with seizures, he is the cool kid with the dog.  This dog is going to be his best friend.  It’s a lot of emotional and social support.  You will never know how much this wish will change our lives and we will be eternally grateful for your support and generosity.”

Caleb,age 3 wants to hug Mickey mouse…

Diagnosis: Gastro-intestinal medical complications which needed liver transplant

Wish: I wish to hug my favorite characters at the Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida

A Little Bit about Little Caleb:  “Mr. Independent” is the nickname Caleb has earned for himself!  This imaginative, on-the-go little guy is always searching for new adventures or surprises and is probably dancing while doing it.  Caleb loves to watch movies and snack on his favorite treats of pizza and Cheeto’s.  Despite having to undergo a six-month house restriction, medications and weekly physical therapy, Caleb has always kept a big smile on his face.

Why Caleb Chose His Wish: When Caleb was asked to wish BIG, he dreamed of hugging his favorite characters that he watches on TV in the most magical place of all.  On the day of his wish, Caleb and his family will be picked up in a limousine and flying to Orlando. This is sure to the be the trip of a lifetime.

One of my favorite organizations my debit card is proof…..I know I am fighting everyday to make my dream come true.. sometimes people need a little support when their spending everyday fighting for their life. Grab your jeans and register your company, submit it to your place of work, oh…come on.. get your college INVOLVED!

Noah, age 8 would like a swimming pool…

Diagnosis: ASA Urea Cycle Disorder – an enzyme deficiency which is responsible for removing ammonia from the blood stream so the deficiency results in several complications.

Wish: My Very Own Swimming Pool in My Backyard

Favorite Games: This active and lovable little guy is an on-the-go boy.  Noah loves exercising his imagination and expanding his mind by playing with some of his favorite games and toys like Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Leapster and his Big Wheels.

Favorite Food: Rolos and Cool Ranch Doritos

Why Noah Chose His Wish:  Despite facing challenges his entire life and having to take medications 3 times a day and eat special foods- Noah has always stayed positive, optimistic and smiley lighting up every room he enters.   When Noah was asked to Wish BIG, he dreamed to swim and splash around with his friends and family and wishes for a pool.  During this cold weather season, plans are underway to make Noah’s dream a reality this summer.  Soon, this special 9-year old boy will get the chance to create new memories and adventures all in the comfort of his own swimming pool.

Leilani, age 3 would like to have tea with a princess…

Diagnosis: Wilm’s Tumor – a pediatric cancer of the kidney

Wish: Disney World

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Baby Cheetah

What Leilani loves to do: Whether she’s playing princess or snacking on chocolate chip cookies, Leilani is always sweet-as-can-be!  Very polite, this little girl delights everyone she meets with her wonderful attitude and her playful demeanor.

Why Leilani chose her wish: In 2011, Leilani was diagnosed with cancer, but that has never gotten in her way of being happy.  When asked to wish BIG, this little sweetheart knew exactly what she wanted!  Leilani wished to meet and have tea with her favorite princesses.  After a limousine ride to the airport, Leilani and her family will check-in to their private villa at Give Kids the World Village, a resort designed especially for children with medical conditions.  Leilani is most looking forward to visiting a special boutique where fairy-godmothers-in-training wave their magic wands, wield their curling irons, and open their wardrobes full of glittery dressed to transform little girls into real live princesses.  Surrounded by her family and loved ones, Leilani will get the total princess treatment as she explores the most magical place on earth.  It is sure to be a dream come true!

Gaby, age 4 wishes for Disney World!

Diagnosis: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

What Gabby Loves to Do: According to Gabby’s mom, Gabby is a sweet and loving little girl.  She is also really funny and loves making her parents and little brother laugh.   She delights in music and one her favorite things to do while she is in the hospital is have visits from her music therapist.  She is a picky eater but she does like to munch on Goldfish and eat vanilla ice cream.   Despite battling cancer, Gaby brings joy to all around her!

Why  Gabby Chose her Wish: Gabby has some verbal delays due to having Down Syndrome but she loves to sing and watch people singing on television.  She also loves to go walking outside with her family.  Before she was diagnosed with cancer, she had her first carousel ride and absolutely loved it.  Gabby’s parents are so excited for her to visit all the magical theme parks in Orlando and have a terrific experience.


I am seeing a trend here and we need to get Disney and Make a Wish with some serious wish programs! ..noted and on my “to do list” but until then. Register and WEAR jeans!

Let’s make a WISH and make a DIFFERENCE

Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist