Indigo Apologies

Dear Devoted Denim Addicts,

It has been two years this month that I hopped a flight to the Big Apple, and I am happy to report I didn’t choke taking a bite out of it! However, there were a couple close calls and there has been a lot to chew.  I have ruined several Manolo’s and killed my most loved #denim during this coast swap; and thankful I haven’t lost you. This is a letter of apology for the time that had elapsed between my posts. I arrived with a mission and can say that I was able to accomplish it. Unexpectedly, finding balance in the big city is a big chore! I now understand that the phrase “in a New York minute” equates to approximately a West Coast month.

Butt Therapist Thank YouThe day passes before you can even remember to eat and I have felt like I was constantly running with no time to stop enjoy just one of the  obscene  amounts of coffee I have been slinging back. But, through it all- you haven’t given up on me, you send me your letters, photo’s and endless support! Thank you for keeping this smile on my face and denim in my life.

I am making the time for me again and allocating my mornings to you. In honor of Labor Day, I will be online every morning with a latte and doing some serious denim debauchery. The Golden Ticket lives on and the number of denim brands collaborating is growing. Check it out and support the people who appreciate you. I love highlighting the contributions of denim heads around the world who are impacting the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.  No matter your industry, we are all working our asses off  to make a better today and create a better tomorrow; do it in a pair of blue jeans! … and then tell me about it!

I love you, I love denim, and I love my blog; thank you for participating.


Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist