He’ll have you by the balls…


You come to me for your denim dilemmas but I find more often than not it all starts with what you are wearing under your jeans that is complicating matters. So, before we size you up you need and underwear overhaul! You can’t wear the right jeans with the wrong underwear. So, it’s time to discuss that that age old cliché: Boxers or Briefs? You may not find this as entertaining as the last Victoria Secret Fashion Show but I am sure it holds more relevance since VK will change your life.

Starting with the basics let me introduce you to Pima before I introduce you to Vivek Nagrani.   Not all cottons are created equal. Like coffee, cashmere or fine wine, the quality of cotton can vary greatly. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra-long staple length and hand harvesting, Peruvian pima cotton is the world’s finest pima, prized for its exceptional softness and brilliant luster, as well as its durability. One touch is all it takes to show you just how luxurious a cotton can be.the World’s Finest Cotton and considered the luxury fiber of choice used to make the softest cotton fabrics that you will find in many of Agave Denim’s t-shirts and VK Nagrani’s undies! 

Now that we know the fabrication and manufacturing process is by far the best in the industry let me tell you about one of my favorite people in the industry. Vivek Nagrani, will make any girls head spin and can leave a man with a bit of jealousy; his passion and charisma makes for an incredible shopping experience and you’ll feel better to know him. Which you should find comforting because he’s gonna have you buy the balls.   Not to make this sound like a eulogy but V is the shit and knows his shit very very well. Interviewing him could never be considered work but only a great pleasure.  This guy’s got style!

“Rather than be something to everybody; I want to be everything to somebody”– VK Nagrani

Starting from the bottom, Vivek was fed-up with his socks falling down and even more frustrated when jeans began taking over as a lifestyle necessity and socks still sucked! When I asked V “why socks” all he said was “because of jeans” naturally we have become great friends as his passion complements my own. From .99 cent toys to the most coveted socks & underwear in the world… he gives “Detail oriented ” a new definition. It all started with 312 pairs of socks and now encompasses the infamous sock collection, unbelievable underwear and a line of ingenious apparel from the sofa to the board room. Curious about these infamous socks read this: The Dirty Dozen because right now we are talking about your briefs!


                                 Six Styles

#1 Style for jeans:  “The Woody”

The Woody: The man’s man boxer brief.  Sans designer name on waist band, sans flashy advertisements and sans a fancy box, this is the purest.  We can say that because it is made with the best Peruvian Pima Cotton we could find.  We dyed the fabric in vegetable dye that has no chemicals.  We then treated the fabric with a washing process that makes the cotton feel like silk.  And then, yes, and then we sculpted the garment by hand so that you will feel like you have nothing on yet everything is gently being held in place.  Yes, that is why we can say it is perhaps one of the best undergarments made on this planet.  When deciding on size, if you have larger thighs or a little more in the trunk, choose one size larger.

The Shaft: Designed for those who live an active lifestyle.  The trunq has a built in pouch to keep the boys positioned and the back is cut like a biker short to maximize comfort. Personally, I wear these on flights because it locks everything into place.

The Johnson: Yes, we miss Johnson also, but the 2.0 version is that much better.  It has the same build as the original but now it’s all dressed up with a button fly.  Choose to use it or not, it offers you a great look and incredible fit.  I love the look and the feel of this piece.  Lot of cool details that unfortunately can’t be picked up by a camera.

The Willy: A trim, fitted knit boxer.  Made with pure Pima cotton, this is a great piece to wear as underwear but an incredible piece to wear to sleep.  Put these on and you will not be waiting for the sandman to come.  If you take sleep meds, you can rest assured you will look your best should you be sleep walking through a hotel corridor.

The Wang: Not too slim, not too big, just perfect.  This is by far my all time favorite brief.  It fits on the hip and offers gentle support without leaving any excess fabric around your back side.  The fabric molds to your body and with each wash it gets better and better.  Of course, after two years, we recommend you buy a new pair.

The Classic Woven Boxer: The objective: create the perfect pair of boxer shorts for the man who enjoys only the best. We created the collection using 100% two-ply Pima cotton and then added an “ez-snap” button. We constructed the waist band to sit on the body without even being noticed. As you wash and wear these, you will see how the fabric completely comes to life. Again, reserved for the true clothing enthusiast. Colors are assorted; it is a nice surprise in a world where nothing seems to surprise us anymore. (not pictured, visit the website).

I know you haven’t really thought about cleaning out your underwear drawer lately but I can assure you that if you open that drawer 80% of them are getting thrown in Le Garbagé.

Ya, ya….so, what does a girl know about men’s underwear? It’s defiantly not my experience taking comfort into consideration when lingerie shopping so, naturally, I went to the best and brought it you from some guys that never thought they would be shootin’ the shit and talking underwear over a shot of whiskey.

In the beginning no one believed Vivek created the ultimate underwear; he had to give them away just to prove that you can feel supported all day and that his product was better than anyone else’s on the market, it only starts  with the soft touch of Peruvian Pima Cotton. Today, all the best retailers from Gary’s in Newport Beach, Wilk’s in San Fran, Mario’s in Portland and Seattle, Richards in Connecticut, Bergdorf Goodman in New York and The Independent in Little Rock Arkansas all carry VK Nagrani as their #1 underwear vendor… and frankly I believe their only. So, go to his world on the web and find out what you have been missing because you’re not going to know until you can compare. Use your coupon code “Golden Ticket” at check-out so he knows to spoil you because you’re my friend.

“Great clothing should be made to get better with age and be designed to offer a timeless aesthetic; it must function to enhance your life.  It is this philosophy that I bring forth each time I create a new garment.  For those who know me, it is of no surprise that I have come to actually meet and learn from the men who wear our collection on a daily basis. Over a drink or through a casual chat, ideas are often conceived. I do not have to just impress myself, but I have to impress the men who have come to expect the best from me.  Many of our friends have been on this journey with me since the start.  It is humbling but it also drives me to be better with each subsequent collection. Thank you for your support”-VK Nagrani


“I haven’t worn underwear in 30 years, but after trying these on I’ve never looked back”-Mr. PK *The Woody

Oldie, but a goodie! V is gonna kill me ’cause I found this… :


Passionately Yours,

The Butt Therapist