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Don’t Judge Me

Jean Shop denim

Jean Shop denim

Q: Okay 59 years old and wearing Wranglers. ready to make the move to a upscale pair of jeans, 6’3″ and weigh 200 lbs with a 34″ waist and 34″ inseam. Can’t handle low rise but would like something that shows off my butt. Would also like to wear with boots occasionally. Willing to spend what you think is best.  -Judge 

A: Hunnie, you don’t ask for a lot! Jeans shop is where it’s at! I reccomend the IM/Skinny 5 pocket, in a true Indigo rinse. This jean will be your bread & butter but it is going to take some time to break them in. They are a guys guy jean, easy to wear with everything and beautifully made. It is the 1st and only pair of jeans you’ll need for a while giving you a bang for your buck.




Selvedge denim refers to a unique type of fabric that is made using one continuous cross-yarn that is passed back and forth thru the vertical warp beams. The result is a fabric that comes off of the loom with a woven edge that will not fray, ravel or curl. Selvedge fabrics are manufactured on shuttle looms that are typically 20 to 30″ wide, which is half of the width of a modern loom. On our jeans the selvedge edge is exposed on the out seam of both legs as well as the interior fly piece and inside the coin pocket. We are the first manufacturer to use the selvedge on the interior fly piece.


100% Cotton

Tapered leg

14″ Bottom Opening

Zip Fly