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Souvenirs : French,  from souvenir –to remember. Some people collect snow globes, cow figurines, stamps, my friends and I, we collect denim. People think I am crazy for having (at my high) 300 pairs of jeans. Come on, this is what I DO! There are die hard denim heads that are not “in the denim industry” completely addicted to denim and collect their memories between the weave. Meet Tim, an all around unfiltered, passionate, genuine rock star.

“I must have 30 [Jean Jackets] in every color of the rainbow and every shade of blue. I have a pink one, lavender, coral… seriously; every color! I have loved the classic denim jacket since I was a little kid,  even when they weren’t “on trend”. Mom bought my first denim jacket at an old Portland institution.. at an uptown shopping center YoungLand. I must have been in 1st grade. In 3rd grade I was gifted a red jean jacket.” 
When you love denim it’s never just one brand, we want one of each, the best of the best and a souvenir to mark that time in our life. “I must have 10 different brands of them, my basic Levi, DSquared, Louis Vuitton, Guess, Hugo Boss, D&G… Being a larger, broad shoulder and chested Swede I had to get several custom-made. My most favorite is my Versace by Donnatella herself, she “worked” on the design and really blinged it out for me.
Living where I did in Italy, knowing who I knew, it opened up a lot of opportunities for me to gain access to the most amazing design houses and product in the world. Tom Ford gave me a Gucci denim jacket at an employee party in Italy and signed the inside with a silver metallic ink pen.” The Fashion Business does have a few perks. “I have 4 that have been customized with recycled fur which is my custom side business. I line clients comfy, worn-in jacket with their mom or grandma’s fur, add a fun collar etc… I have one jacket lined in sheared black mink with an over-sized silver fox tuxedo front with an oversized collar. Another one of my fans favs.”
“I never pack a bag without it,  whether for an overnighter or a 3 week safari. I couldn’t imaging even a business trip in Asia without bringing my favourite Levi denim jacket.  I have this one Levi Jacket that is my “Go-To” [pictured above] the one that is in nearly all my pictures. It wasn’t custom, off a runway or priced in the hundreds, it’s Levi’s.  Style: “Iconic” Type 1.  exaggerated “V” on the back with pointed front pocket flaps. I was offered $500 for it while visiting Japan. It’s not for sale! at any price.. .this jacket has been to more countries on 5 continents the last few years.”
………………………………………………….another pictured below was made with one of my grandmothers very old spotted fur jackets.denim jacket 3
Denim is better than any other fabric in the world because we can wear it in any city throughout the world and be comfortable. It’s the only article of clothing that we allow our memories to sink into fibers. Denim is unlike any other piece of clothing we own. “Zipping around on my vespa, riding around Tuscany, the Croisette in Cannes or jumping on my Pershing ’68 in Portofino. Sunday Brunch at Harvey Nichols in London and after a night out clubbing in Mykonos. At 6am, it’s the perfect weight to keep warm as we grab a post-disco snack and meander up the tiny streets to our lodging and waiting for the tender to bring us back to the boat.
I wore this jean jacket a few years ago on my 40th birthday, when we climbed to the mountain tops in Rwanda, to see the Gorillas.”   My friends love this particular jacket, in fact, I have one a-list celebrity friend who is always trying to snag it “Listen “G”.. it ain’t happening”. The first time I met Tim: Meeting up with some friends for a night on the town I immediately noticed this jacket when we walked into the bar. As my girl-friend walked toward the group; I said to myself “of course their with us”. I gave him a hug and wrapped my arms around that beautiful jacket and started asking questions.  Who is this guy  and why are we just now meeting! 
  • Name: Levi’s Iconic Type 1 Jacket
  • Weight: 12 Oz.
  • Denim: 84% Cotton/16% Polyester (Original blend)
  • Length Of Wear: 10 years
  • Number Of Washes: under 8
  • Other Details
    • Lot # 01106-0370

“This jacket has emotional ties as well.  I  had it on when I was in quite a nasty motorcycle accident in Monaco; oddly and thankfully, it suffered no damage.  I, on the other hand was hospitalized for weeks.  I was wearing it when my father died in my arms and I was wearing during the most romantic kiss of my life, on the Pontevecchio in Florence. I am known for my denim jackets, baseball caps, sunglass collection and the most amazing shoes..I could give them all up, but not my favourite jean jacket…”

Share your denim addicted love stories because you’re not alone- we’re all a bit denim crazy ’round here
Passionately yours,
The Butt Therapist