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Buckley Denim

buckley_denim_logoBuckley denim is MADE in the USA! After 20 years in the vintage denim business Jim Buckley founded Buckley Denim to create the perfect pair of jeans. He recognized the beauty in the material and craftsmanship of vintage jeans and wanted to produce a modern jean with the same attention to detail that made these jeans a staple in the American wardrobe 100 years ago.

How Jim makes his jeans straight from Mr. buckley himself:


In an effort to learn what made these original jeans so superior I set up a sewing factory with every machine used in the production of early selvedge denim jeans. I had machines shipped from China, Cambodia, and wherever I could find a good working original machine.  Before long, I had 30 + sewing machines, cutters, and every tool necessary to start producing my own perfect pair of blue jeans.  Learning to use (and fix) every one was a more challenging task than I ever imagined. An entire year was spent on just learning to sew on these old machines and figuring out why some were better and some were cast aside for new models.  After that came a year of design trial (and mostly error), where I designed and sewed countless samples to make sure my jeans were not only beautiful but also a perfect fit.  In the end with the help of some very talented and patient sewers and pattern makers, I feel that Buckley Denim jeans are the most comfortable, stylish and best fitting jeans on the market.


This superior cotton represents the top 3% of all cotton harvested and produces a softer and stronger fabric. It is then woven into 100% cotton selvedge denim produced on the same vintage shuttle looms that made the denim my Dad wore growing up. Our fabric comes from Cone Denim’s White Oak plant. It is the only denim mill left in the USA that has the vintage looms capable of making this grade of denim, and one of only a handful in the world with this capability. It takes much more time and man power to produce this material. As a result it is only available in small quantities and distributed to a limited number of carefully selected jean makers. We’re proud to be among them.

Buckley Denim jeans have hidden copper rivets at stress points on the back pockets; deeper pockets designed to secure wallets, cell phones; double tacked belt loops, YKK solid copper, washer burr rivets and buttons, hand stamped 10 ounce leather tag, and all hand made in the United States by experienced, dedicated master craftsmen.

Buckley_denim_fit_chartYou all know that i am a sucker for jeans that started being created in a living room or a garage; the passion it takes to turn your house upside down to turn it into a workshop takes a little bit of crazy and a lot of love. I am a huge suporter of White Oak Denim Mill/Cone and Supima Cotton; it takes one to know one they say. Buckley Denim is keeping the dream alive and supporting the history behind the cloth. Cone is makeing it possible for denim heads to dream by making Made in the USA denim possible to be manufactured in the oldest mill. I have had the extrodinaty opprotunity to visit Cone and feel the energy and passion vibrate through the 120 year old wood flooring in the sewing room. $300.00 keeps history and a dream to prosper alive, not everyone is ready to lay down a couple hundred bucks for a pair of jeans but I am hear to tell you that you are buying so much more than a piece of cloth. You are supporting an art in its trues form that is worthy of hanging in a museum and on your hips.


You haven’t heard the last of Buckley Denim on Butt Therapist, this is just the beggining!

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