Blue Gold: American Jeans

            Denim addict’s addiction has been globally verified. I was invited to the first cut and screening of Blue Gold: American Jeans on the big screen! New York has been good to me… meeting Executive Producer Mark Romeo when I arrived in town I got an introduction to the film and met a little more of my indigo family. *Go Giants!  “Blue jeans are as American as Bruce Springsteen or “Footloose,” they’re a part of everyday life whether we realize it or not.” – Christian D. Bruun.

Christian D. Bruun is an international producer / director, digital artist, and curator with more than fifteen years of professional experience in Europe, The United States, and Asia; a true pioneer in the field of digital film making, digital media and architectural design. The documentary celebrates the cultural impact of American Blue jeans through a journey on the open highway and across Atlantic. Behind the designers and brands that cultivated an iconic Americana grit culture and through the artists and rock stars that created an iconic wearable art that transforms with every wear.  The Blue Gold movie is a laid back film that tracks the journey from rebels and delinquents to take you into the cut throat world of vintage jeans hunters. Discoveries of dead rodents, original Cone Mills cover-all’s, forgotten trunks from the 1900’s and into exclusive Japanese denim actions will introduce you to the slightest details that make a pair of jeans sell for $25,000.

“Denim is my constant and I think in many ways it is it’s a language that needs no translation. We live our lives in our jeans and with that most of our memories happened or are going to happen in a pair of blue jeans! I think they deserve a little credit.” –The Butt Therapist

Levi Strauss… Adriano Goldschmied and Calvin Klein are three pioneers that have made a significant contribution to this indigo addiction. The denim industry is nothing new and nothing to be ignored. “Bruun’s documentary film brings the obsession over jeans to the front of the line. Whether you’re a biker, a fashionista or some punk rocker who doesn’t have enough holes in their jeans. Bruun takes us inside the countries of Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Scandinavia as well and shows us their fixation over jeans too.” –IMM

Independent Media Magazine  caught up with American jeans writer and director Christian D. Bruun.

“IMM: What made you want to do a movie on jeans?
Christian D. Bruun: At first it was the fact that people are paying, and will pay, tens of thousands of dollars for vintage jeans. In my quest to find out why it is the case, I came to understand the impact jeans have had all over the world and how much the value of jeans stems from its American roots and from the ideals for which the country stood. Fabricated or real, jeans resonated everywhere and perhaps in some way helped change the world. Its impact is undeniable.


IMM: Are jeans a big part of your life?
CDB: They are now! I have always worn jeans to some extent, but at the core of the film I discovered that the emotional value and cultural imagery that jeans embody has always been a part of my life; all of our lives.


IMM: What was it like filming across the world?
CDB: It has been an incredible journey meeting people from around the world, who all come together with enormous passion for a process and a tradition, and at the same time, a willingness to continuously reinvent and perfect that tradition. Jeans truly has connected the world.


IMM: Are there any differences to the way the cultures respond to blue jeans?
CDB: Almost all cultures — despite political, geographical, or religious differences— embrace and wear jeans. And even though jeans were originally American workwear, every culture has made them their own. The ideas and values that jeans stand for are universal.


IMM: Do you think jeans are overpriced, are they worth it?
CDB: It depends on where and how they are made. The price can be justified if you are paying for the time and thought put into the craftsmanship and materials used to make a pair of jeans. Sometimes you pay to feel better or sexier and sometimes you just want a pair of good old jeans. I think it is becoming more and more important that you know and understand where your jeans come from and from that make an informed decision about the money you want to spend.”

            For something to consume your world I feel it’s important to know where your jeans have come from, who inspired the lifestyle, the industry innovators who paved our cultural journey and know how your jeans are made today. Watch the ” target=”_blank”>Blue Gold movie Trailer and stick around for the film playing in Theaters some time soon…TBA. For single article of clothing to once be banned in theaters, restaurants, and schools to now be accepted as a wardrobe staple, allowed to be worn at work and considered everyday living… salute, To what denim has given us!


Who loves denim enough to make a film:

Original Screen play written by Christian D. Bruun

Written by John H. Marks, Theis Jessen and Christian D. Bruun

Produced by: Christian D. Bruun, Theis Jessen, and Mark Romeo

Executive Producers: Christine Detlefsen and Mark Romeo

Co-Producer: Jason Watkins

Associate Producer: Rafael Avigdor

Assistant to the Producers: Tara W. Cole


Thank you!

All my LOVE,

The Butt Therapist


“Revolutionary and conservative, sexy and romantic, elegant and casual, chic and sporty. No other fabric has been better at interpreting all our contradictions.” -Elio Fiorucci