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 The True Denim de Luxe

–135 hours, 16,200 hand stitched, completely customized and personalized exclusive luxury #denim–



           As an artist and Denim Head…I am geeking out on Nadel & Pen hand sewn jeans that are custom made in France. I had the opportunity to catch up with Tilmann Wröbel, couture fashion designer, blueblood, and total nice guy to talk shop with little ‘ol me across an ocean of blue.  This denim collection is none other than the best pair of jeans you will ever have. The ultimate gift to a denim connoisseur and the final piece to any notable denim collection. Go through the process and you will receive a completely custom pair of jeans made with the finest materials with an unrivaled amount of personalization and detail. One hundred percent hand sewn…16,200 stitches, 135 hours of hand work and 3 months of love bleeds into the indigo with the utmost amount of passion for the art of denim making. <<a story worth telling>>

“Singularity is the new vision of luxury”

“Nadel & Pen is neither a a maison de couture, nor a denim brand. It’s a know how, a style, a single object: A custom hand sewn pair of jeans which takes back for the first time, without any machine assistnce; the codes of the most industrialized garment in the world.”-NP

“Nadel & Pen stands for the privilege of offering yourself an exceptional jean. Made in france, custom tailored, it’s sewn by hand in 135 hours using 16,200 stitches” done by HAND; never any type of machine. It is designed with the most notable raw Japanese or Italian fabrications and rarest of trimmings with finishes reminiscent of haute couture Nadel & Pen implies a blend of dominating values Step one [arrive in Paris and introduce yourself to a denim studio in the heart of the city of love] Step two [Select your luxury materials to create your custom jeans] Step three [Tilmann designs and sketches your jeans to your preferences by the hand that Dior trusted] Step four [impatiently wait three months while your jeans are going though the hand making garment process] Step five [receive your exclusive one of a kind custom jeans in a showcase all its own with serial number and certificate of authenticity.]

Step six [WEAR, LIVE, and LOVE]….

When you arrive in Paris, you will have a selection of the finest selvage denim available in the world to choose from. The shank button engraved with your initials or coat of arms if you prefer. Your initials able to be embroidered on the coin or rear pocket… no “brand squiggle on the butt” this is your piece of art made by the artist. Much like commissioning a painting, your canvas is selected raw and the artist creates a piece that is unique to your own tastes. The pocket sacks and lining is made from couture quality silk dupion while the buttons on the fly are made from either horn or mother of pearl. “Horsehair and glaced cotton make up the multi-layered hand-stiched inner lining making it tear proof.” There is nothing common or ordinary about this piece of denim… Haute couture still exists… not found on the runways ie:”ready to wear (RTW)” you may be so familiar with in the pages of Vogue. There are still artisans that create art with a few tools and their hands much like a painter using a brush and a few drops of colored paste to create a perception of reality. When you are able to take the best materials and mold them into an object that has a style and attitude all its own you have created life.  Well, I hope you heard it here first about this new denim loving project that may just be the most coveted pair of jeans in the world.

There are still plenty of secrets so keep your eye on Tilmann Wröbel and check out

Nadel & Pen    +++++++   Monsieur T

for a personal introduction to his creative spaces

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