you are beautiful

Well, it’s my first time with my little denim corner in the virtual denim world… If it weren’t for PB & Goldman Sachs we’d have already turned Indigo. So, just to help the cause; I am going to talk a lot more blues!

So, our butt is the most important thing when looking for the “perfect” pair of jeans. Interesting that we pay premium prices for this magical cloth and put such an emphasis on pocket placement; yet, so few of us “really” spend an equal amount of energy on incorporating squats or lunges into our daily routine. I am just as guilty by skipping them myself. However, two months ago I started working in 50 lunges a day at work, while I am talking on the phone with the mother, during a run, folding the laundry…it has made quite the difference. And I have to say that I like wearing my “perfect” jeans a little bit more.  The average $200.00 pair of jeans that we will spend 4-6 weeks to find could be just a little bit more perfect if we actually loved our own tooshes… every day my heart breaks a little when I meet wonderful people who have yet to embrace their own body- from a size Women’s 2-16 or a Men’s 30-38. I have been a size 2 through a size 14 myself; I get it! Personal body images are skewed so far from reality I find myself looking in the mirror trying to see what they do. If a mirror could talk we would have words and I’d put it in its place; I’ve got your back!  If we all loved our bodies a little bit more than finding the “perfect” pair of jeans could you imagine what kind of denim collection you would have filed away in your closet? Embrace your bad self and rock what you LOVE!


Love your body now and be obsessed with hot denim forever…even if the pockets sink on the back of your thighs… “ROCK ‘EM” Because killer jeans are priceless…even though you wouldn’t believe some of the price tags that come on these baby’s (we’ll get into that another time)! As Paige Adams-Geller would say “love your genes”!