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Question: I am a 55 yr old guy looking to upgrade my clothing

Question: Great interview with AC enjoyed it alot. My question to you is I am a 55 yr old guy looking to upgrade my clothing and fit has always been a problem. I am 5’7″ 180 lbs stocky with short legs and any kind of jeans that I buy always have a saggy butt. Any suggestions

Answer:(@butttherapist) Thanks-  I think I started to ramble. I will get better the more I do them. I have so much fun chatting with AC. Thank you for messaging me. #1 Stick with a straight leg; slim your leg line and ditch the extra fabric around your ankles. Long, lean, clean lines, I will compromise with you and listed one relaxed thigh slim bootcut.#2 I also suffer from Noassatall- There is a trick to eliminating saggy butt syndrome! The general rule is to buy one size smaller than all the saggy butt jeans you already own.

Focus on fitting your waist and the legs will loosen up after about 4 hours of wearing them. Denim stretches. The more pressure there is on the denim the more it will be forced to give and mold (permanently). When you buy denim too big the denim has no reason to stretch out anywhere but the toosh (from sitting).#3 I am guessing you might be a size 34; if so- have you tried a size 33? If you are buying a size 36, did you know that Agave and a few other brands make a size 35? 

FABRIC411:100% cotton jeans are able to stretch out an entire size. You can put them in the dryer but I HATE THE DRYER on HIGH HEAT! They will shrink up and relax after wearing them for an hour. aKa- saggy butt! 98% cotton 2% elastane: is the most popular in the premium denim industry because the 2% keeps the cotton from stretching out an entire size enhancing the fit integrity. By blending the fibers the denim will only stretch out up to 1/2 an inch in the areas that experience the most pressure; toosh and thighs. This is the most significant reason that jeans CAN FIT SO GOOD!

EASY DENIM CARE: Machine wash cold; hang dry, and cool AIR fluff (15 minutes) to soften. 

To get the right FIT at the STORE: The jeans should touch your entire waist; do not say to yourself “once I put on my belt they will be fine”..they are TOO BIG! You should be able to put a thumb between the jean and your waist. There should an inch of extra fabric around the circumference of your thigh. This is measured by pinching the fabric. It should only be about 1/2 an inch. The fabric is pinched side by side with equals parts on each side= an inch of give. If you are not used to wearing clothing that fits properly your first purchase will feel wrong or feel uncomfortable at the store.  You will be surprised how quick you adjust and begin to prefer clothing that is not hanging on but moving with you. 


The Austyn by 7 for all Mankind

The Spitfire by Agave Denim

The Clifton by Hudson

Please let me know what you decide on and please feel free to message me back with more size information and what you currently wear and we can fit this saggy butt syndrome… I got my denim down so, I just hang out with a Smith Machine to counteract the noassatall…


your Butt Therapist