This one if for the guys


Men let’s talk about your jeans. This is relevant to you if any of the following statements are true:


a) You have not bought new jeans since 1994


b) You are wearing jeans that a 21 year old wears to Vegas


c) They are carpenter pants from GAP, LEE, WRANGLER, or Levi


d) You’ve never worn jeans


e) You are sportin’ the exact same jeans your father is wearing today



 Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.- Mark Twain




………………………………………… is time to go shopping. I am here to help!


Listen to the PodCast Thursday 7/27/2011. Antonio from Real Men Real Style invited my for a denim chat for professional men over 30 to run through the denim options you have.  You will be going shopping so, here are a few notes to PRINT and TAKE with you. Just hand them to the sales associate and say “I need new jeans” what ever size you think you are- try on one size smaller FIRST; most likely all of your clothing in your closet is a size too large.



*Drop 10 lbs instantly by having your shirts tailored: add darts .



*Increase your height by hemming your denim right!


Casual Denim: Your jeans should be 1/8 of an inch above the ground IN CASUAL SHOES!


Professional Denim: Your jeans should be 3/4 -1 inch above the ground IN DRESS SHOES.


 Okay, so you just celebrated your 30th birthday…cool- you can still get away with your True Religion, Affliction, MEK and Rock & Republic jeans but you are going to need an understated masculine jean because you are growing up and might find yourself wanting to be taken seriously. If you are over 30 then you need to exude a certain confidence by embracing the world of denim properly.


Let you mouth do all the talking; your jeans should not scream too young or too old.





The denim fits like this: The brand – style name (they are listed in order from lowest waisted to highest rise)



Relaxed Fit: 7 for all Mankind-Relaxed boot (8.5 inch rise), Diesel-Larkee Relaxed (10 inch rise) , AG Jeans-Hero relaxed straight (10.25 inch rise), Agave-Waterman (11 inch rise), Mavi-Matt (11 inch rise) 


Full Thigh Straight Leg: 7FAM-Austin (8), AG Jeans- Protege (9.75) Diesel- Larkee (10),  Mavi-Zach (10.5), Agave-Spitfire (11), Ermengeilo Zegna- Classic (12)


Classic Fit:  7FAM-The Standard (8.5), Diesel-Viker (10),Mavi-Martin (10), AG Jeans-Matchbox (10), Agave-The Gringo (10.5),


Slim: Diesel-Darron (10), , Agave-The Pragmatist (10), AG Jeans-The Geffen (10), 7FAM-Aiden (10), Mavi-Jake (10.5), Diesel- The Safado (10.5)




*SLIM is NOT a skinny tight fitting jean.  This is a fit guide by a woman for the best fitting masculine jeans based on your body type across $80.00-$225.00.


If you have not spent more than $50.00 on a pair of jeans and not comfortable with premium denim prices please wait for a sale; you can snag a killer deal. Great jeans are worth the price and worth the wait.



All it takes are a few simple outfits; and there’s one secret – The Simpler The Better. -Cary Grant




* If you are wearing True Religion, Affliction, or MEK and can’t imagine wearing a straight leg jean; I will compromise with you and get the Diesel Zathan; one day you will graduate to the The Viker.


*If you are more rugged and want an Americana jean: RRL, Jean Shop, Levi (go to an actual Levi Strauss Store).



Need help with decoding your body type



Questions?- Listen our POD CAST tomorrow with Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real StyleA Tailored Suit then “Ask me” and stick around The Butt Therapist for more.


Keep on bustin’ it,


The Butt Therapist