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ANNOUNCEMENT: 3rd place wasn’t so bad…

I am excited to announce that even though I came in 3rd place in the Wrangler’s NEXTblue Denim Design Contest I am still winning everyday. Today, I was given access to the NEW NEXTblue Blog as a Editorial Contributor with my very own column.


I will be doing some denim devoted debauchery from The Butt Therapist, some fashion from CRACKERJACK+hOUSE and telling you how I am working my way into the industry doors. The lessons I learn, my epic failures and my mini victories will hopefully compile into creating one grand success story. Thank you for your support, your WRANGLER VOTES and all of the praise and love you have shown me. I owe you more than a latte!


I have spent the last couple hours having my own little photo shoot in the front yard for a BIO picture. My neighbors most defiantly think I am CRAZY!  A few pair of jeans, one twisted ankle, one gashed foot, one broken Christian Louboutin, and I think there was one tear for my shoe… thankfully creatives stick together and  I was fortunate to snag Damien and appoint him photographer to finish up a few head shots. Here is the first of my downloads… You have now seen as many as I have… stay tuned for a lot more from me because of YOU! Thank you!


Passionately yours,


a passionate pain in the ass… The Butt Therapist