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Testimonial- Kim Adair Willprecht

“Casey- This is a fabulous tribute! I am so very pleased that you put this together! These women have meant so much to so many by this bold step in creating something that we can all participate in….hand in hand with our cancer researchers. I knew it would be brilliant from the beginning. None is more brilliant than that shinning star, Laura Ziskin who leads the way with her ‘Get It Done’ Style. If we can get to the moon then we can get a handle on this monster called cancer.That was it. That was her thinking. And do it we will! Everyone can do something. You Rock Girl. I am proud to have you on our Butt Team! Kim Adair, Founder of www.butt-check.org for colon cancer awareness. PS. Thank you for including my brother in the cause, Carmon Marc Valvo. He too was inspired (through Katie Couric) to come out of the cancer closet and help make it fashionable to talk about the C word. (His story in part is on ou men’s survivor link) Fantastic!” -Kim Adair Willprecht of Butt-Check