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With a name like you can imagine how many passionate pain in the asses I meet. You know that I always have my eye out for things that are nothing “butt” IMPORTANT! Recently, Kim Adair Willprecht and I were connected; a gem and a fellow “Butt Lady”. Obviously, it was was meant to be!



The Butt Therapist: I am officially representing Oregon Bottoms as the newest Butt-Check Ambassador. 




Kim is Butt-Check and a colon cancer survivor who was diagnosed at age 48. During her ass kicking she began Butt-Check.org. A grassroots effort that was started in Golden, Colorado. Now based in Tucson, AZ to be near The University of Arizona, University Medical Center and Arizona Cancer Center. She is helping people kick cancer’s butt everyday with support from “Stand up for Cancer”.




 to help save lives through detection and treatment of colorectal cancer


    • Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States


    • Risk in men for developing colorectal cancer is about 1 in 19 and Women is (1 in 20)


    • It is expected to cause about 51,370 deaths in 2010


    • Polyps are being found by screening and removed before they can develop into cancers.


    • There are ONE MILLION SURVIVORS of colorectal cancer in the United States


It’s important, it could be you, it could be me but call your Dr. and have a little check-up before it kick’s your ass. I have nothing but love for Carmen; as a fashionista- I know what it took for him to share and he gracefully took a Stand up to Cancer on the runway!


“The tents of Bryant Park, which had long been a platform for me to share my designs, had now become a new platform for me to share my story. A story not about art and fashion, but a story about hope and the art of survival. At a press conference, with Katie by my side, I first spoke publicly about my battle with colon cancer. At that time I didn’t realize what a life altering experience a simple admission of truth could unfold. From that day forward I joined the crusade to make colon cancer more fashionable to talk about and it has been the most rewarding work of my life.”-Carmen


Kim Adair Willprecht and Katie Couric are standing up for Cancer and putting your “toosh” first. Join the awareness- share the knowledge and for goodness sake… “get your butt-checked”.



Butt-Check and The Butt Therapist are in cahoots together to get your toosh COVERED… stay tuned for the Indigo transferring to the cause!





Laura Ziskin “your Legacy will live on”


Stand up 2 Cancer When you or someone you love hears the word ‘cancer’, the air is sucked out of the room. Inside your body a door closes, you can hear it, physically feel it. But Laura took that door and opened it. She refused to be intimidated or bullied or destroyed and she wanted to give others the strength to refuse, as well. Fredrick Nietsche said ‘If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.’ Cancer is the abyss. What did it see when it gazed into Laura Ziskin? It must have been terrified. Scared shitless, really, by her bravery, courage, utter determination to never blink, never run. Now we have to do the same in her honor. Open the door, look at cancer for the thief it is, and refuse to let it steal any other life, any love. In her name it’s the least we can do.”Tribute by Janet Champ




So, get your “butt checked” and pass it on! If you get nervous; call me. I’ll drive you there” -Kim Adair



I feel privileged to be included with these passionate people and have the opportunity to to work on the exciting projects that are in the works. When people come together for good…only the BEST will come of it! Share Awareness and if you would like to jump in the rally contact Kim at www.butt-check.org she is one of the most inspirational people I have meet and I promise you’ll love her. She’ll lite a fire under your ass and show you what you can do in your community to get involved!