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Diesel “Our Glory” Denim Collection sp2011

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In 1977 Mario Bisio (@MBisio) attended market in Paris where he purchased Diesel Jeans (and Replay) directly from Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso making him one of the the first 3 US Retailers of Diesel Jeans. Would you have ever thought that one of the  first US cities Diesel Jeans influenced started on a retail floor in Portland, OR. Not what you would have expected was it… At that time there were only three other retailers entering the denim/sportswear market: Ron Sherman, Henri L. and Marvin S. Today, the Our Glory men’s denim collection sits on the floor as the only US Retailer of this limited collection. I have had the beautiful opportunity to to have them in the flesh and get them on peoples butts. Sometimes… I get a real good hook-up @denimguy- you need a pair (call me hun)!  Diesel “Our Glory” Denim Collection SP2011


Experience Website “Jeans are made for working! 


Diesel decided to infuse this very same spirit and years of experience in jeans making into a single collection that represents the essence of the brand as a whole: the OUR GLORY collection.

“Inspiration comes from the old Diesel’s archives and especially from the “OLD GLORY collection”, the niche’s collection for denim lovers which Diesel developed in 1992.  Our Glory is created by using traditional shuttle looms which weave a narrower piece of fabric compared to modern projectile looms, it makes each pair particular in its exclusivity. selvage or “self-edge” was first used by Diesel on the Old Glory denim, when back pockets were made using selvage; is still today applied to Our Nomad and Our Gold Digger on top of the cinch. Kurabo Mill (Japan) was founded over 110 years ago.  Kurabo was one of the first mills to specialize in natural indigo denim.  Unique technologies in spinning, dyeing and processing have been the cornerstone for its development in denim technology and have received admiration from around the world.”-Diesel USA

“Our good friends at Mutado got us involved in the project, and together we created an 80s style laboratory and research facility, where the user is taken through the entire production process of this glorious new denim line.  A minimalistic environment with strong tones and rich details that evoke the mood and feel of the 80s, created thanks to a combination of 3d, illustration, digital matte painting and green screen live shooting techniques, all brought to life with the aid of flash animations and technology, resulting in an interactive experience aiming to take the user through time and to showcase the importance that denim has always had for the Diesel brand. Jump right into this website and take a journey with the legendary Professor Robinson Hork.” -Diesel USA/Saizen Media


The Our Glory denim collection consists of 3 men’s styles of jeans that were first introduced in 1978 as the first Diesel Denim Collection that are 100% Made in Italy using all Italian denim and hardwear.


    • Our Nomad: Regular Straight leg WASH: 008pp is a classic 5-pocket in a clean dark wash that has a highlighted vertical grain wash.
    • Our Labor: Comfort Straight leg WASH: 008Y6  Slash pocket carpenter jean dark single rinse denim with white contrast stitching.
    • Our Gold Digger: Comfort Straight WASH 008Z3 My favorite 5 pocket with buckle back and signature Diesel wash, classic yellow stitching and distressed edging. Retails at $450.00


There is a SELVEDGE INSERT in the back pocket of the Our Nomad and on the buckle of the Our Gold Digger to remind us when the back pockets were made using selvedge that was then covered with denim. The selvedge will eventually become visible after heavy usage.