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Agave nectar: PINK skinny jeans

Link: PINK skinny jeans

My first colored jeans have made my eyes see nothing but pink! I am in lust… The @AgaveDenim Nectar denim collection is fitting better than I could have ever imagined. The curved split waist band makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE and the denim is so buttery I just adore wearing them. They look like jeans, feel like jeans but move like a jegging!


I was on the floor twisted in a pretzel changing mannequin after mannequin trying to peel jegging’s and leggings off these poor figures of the female body when I was SHOCKED (my second day wearing them). I didn’t have to pull my shirt down or “adjust” to make sure my undies weren’t showing once! Impressed that a regular rise jean can be this effective…and have great butt!Try them on… it’s all in the jeans! “They are worth every copper penny” -Agave