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The content draft has been submitted

Some of you… if you read my little corner of denim heaven on a regular basis know that I was asked to co-author an article about US Denim. Through the research I have done for this particular article I have learned that denim is not made int he USA as much as it once was. I am very disappointed as an American but as a business person “I get it” I believe in supporting local and I believe in the opportunities and resources globalization offers. I firmly believe that one should find the best of the best. So, I am a slightly torn on the subject personally… I would like to know what you think?

Through the process, I have had the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite denim designers and acquired a few new denim addictions. My discovery will give you a taste of your closet and a crash course on Denim Manufacturing… it has been submitted for its content draft review. I have  two interviews left for tomorrow; one with a specialty denim designer and the other an owner of a global premium denim company.

Shoot me a message or a tweet @butttherapist if there are specific questions you are DYING to know.


Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist