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Father time has never been on my side

The Butt Therapist: So, time has never been on my side; I am always pushing it to the max.  I am generally on time, I accomplish more in 15 hours then the average person and I waste as little of it sleeping as I can manage. I believe in content and if I can’t give you CONTENT then… there will be no blog post for you to read. So, if you are wondering where I have been for the past couple weeks…. I have been running, working the day job, doing millions of lunges and squats-trying to power up the toosh for bikini season, spending countless hours reading books, going out on the town with friends and even some that have been visiting all while doing some projects for CRACKERJACK and hOUSE because other than just being a blog about jeans it is a business and like all businesses self run THERE IS NEVER enough TIME in a day to accomplish all that you wish (that’s why we wake up in the morning..right?”.)


Thank you for keeping me on my toes… telling me you miss my posts and thank goodness for something to grab my attention and feel that it qualifies as news or at least interesting enough to share. I try to filter out the junk so you don’t have to. If I told you how many industry and non-industry information I read a week you’d faint… and trust me by saying there is not a lot of CONTENT out there!  Please… IF YOU FIND SOME- SUBMIT A POST…I’D LOVE to SHARE what YOU deem INTERESTING!


Passionately yours,


The Butt Therapist




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