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live 55 seconds a day

Always behind Renzo- this Diesel die-hard has exceeded 140 characters being introduced to his eldest son Andrea and his passion that is driving FIFFTYFIVEDSL. I believe in our youth, developing their talents and fueling their fire to chase their individuality. This week I caught a few blown out waves with Maxime- Account Executive for 55DSL-East; followed by a full collection pre-view of Spring 2012.                  

It was 1994 when Andrea launched his vision to empower the creative youth culture with a brand they could embrace and afford while maintaining the quality standards the Rosso family is committed toOriginally a 55 piece capsule collection of sport meets street this Diesel descendent was able to stand on its own by capturing the “active hearts with a DIY attitude.” Growing up in the business An

Worldwide distribution has not diluted the fiftyfiveDSL brand, maintaining is exclusive {have if you’re in the know mentality} skipping the mainstream microphone it is being embraced on the streets and classrooms around the globe. With only one Brick & Mortar location in the US [281 Lafayette Street] in NYC attracts all the “cool” kids; an expression of freedom and style without being a walking billboard. From my own experience it’s when you find yourself that the labels of love retreat to the inside of your clothing rather than being slathered all over your chest. 55DSL female collection is required before the Italian duo DJ Giulia+Elisa Bee start scratchin’.drea was submerged in a world of textiles playing in his father’s warehouse with his brother Stefano. He packed up and left his small town in Italy to study at FIT in New York later and blew out West to Los Angeles where he discovered his ardor for action sports and became addicted to graphic art. Admiration for the talent; his biggest regret has been never learning how to draw. Instead he uses a needle and thread to transform one dimensional fabric into a 3 dimensional piece of art that you can live in. Art is a way of life, passion is a lifestyle and when you can connect the two to create a collection that inspires both; success is inevitable. Andrea wanted nothing more than to create a think tank to empower the young artistic community by seeking out emerging talent for collaborations. “Some call it risky, but he just calls it 55DSL- collaborations are changing the fashion landscape by interesting bringing true individuality, exclusivity and authenticity back into fashion.”- Andrea Rosso

is a collaboration project by selected international artists that have 55DSL’s blessing and full creative freedom to feature one of thier designs to be part of this limited production graphic tee collection; each shirt numbered 1 to 1,055.

<—————– Alex Trochut a graphic designer & illustrator from Barcelona creates eclectic work that is rich with elegant detailed executions; pursuing on ly the constant evolution of his art. “more is more”- Alex

Attention fighter jet pilots of the urban jungle, graffiti artists off Wall Street and sidewalk rap stars! Whatever drives and defines you, it’s too precious to change-so never give in to superficial trends and get the apparel that breathes your confidence and connects with YOU.-FIFFTYFIVEDSL    

        Lele Saveri photographer

“What are you up to in San Fratello, Sicily? I’m doing a project based on the theme of fear and I wanted to take pictures of the religious festival which takes place on this small town. Historically,” Read the rest here and Watch Lele’s Movie NOW!

…its round two of 55DSL x adidas Originals as the Experience Enhancer Device II is now available. It is an adidas Originals jacket from the 80’s in honor of cinema’s most famous boxer, served as an inspirational jab for 55DSL.

“You can always seek guidance and direction in life from your star signs; maybe even have your palm read to see your future…but, let’s be honest-life is too intriguing, full of surprises and mysterious to spoil that way. Hold on tight, tie your hair back and dive right in! 55DSelle’s new collection takes all these elements of life and fuses together to create a confident style of sexiness, fun and inspirational design. Whatever turns you on in life, 55DSelle has you covered, looking hot and empowered for anything! Experience this collection, get inspired and feed your hunger for excitement… and finally NEVER LOOK BACK!”-FIFFTYFIVEDSL


As most of you know…if you follow regularly; I just picked up and moved to New York City to play in a bigger playground where I could find a few more people that could compete with my passion. Not knowing which brand is going to snatch your talent does not make packing a suitcase the easiest task. All the hoodies and bloglovin’ loungewear disappeared in order to get it zipped… until 55DSL hooked a girl up with the most comfortable gear I have ever kicked around in. While my fingers dance over the keyboard and epic beats kick through my 55DSLxZound headphones I am impressed. The quality is here- the price point is easy and the style is everything I expect from the Rosso family. I will never go back to the comfy’s I’ve left behind even if the line wasn’t made for me (I am old)- I can identify and appreciate everything it stands for.

This Spring ’12 Guys and Girls collection is completely fresh; if you though you new 55DSL be prepared to re-introduce yourself and get addicted. This Christmas could cause a serious epidemic of smiles with the young people in your life. I know my siblings are going to be stoked!  I am pumped… not selling you damn thing. Encouraging people to own themselves, ROCK their BAD-selves, express their artistic talent and follow their passion are characteristic in a brand I can get behind- the fact that it is already a family company that I support is icing on the cake. Here is a quick rundown of some of the collaborations they have done in the past straight from 55DSL’s mouth . Get rowdy and get inspired!

“Celebrating Fifteen Fucking Years in 2009 Adidas Originals came to play by collaborating on a Limited Edition shoe “The XV/55” in the iconic Adidas Nizza model (only 6,000 were produced) and Coca-Cola zero was in the design house with a new contoured Bottle Design Contest in Japan. 15 Designs were used to transform a coke bottle in to a limited edition “55DSL X Coca-Cola Zero” creation. One design was selected to make an exclusive skate deck that was only available in Japan 55DSL stores. Italian Designer Turbokrapfen designed a limited edition 10.55 tribute jacket for renowned “>DJ’s The Bloody Beetroots while the entire year was full of XV anniversary gigs in Los Angeles, Milan, Turnin, and Kobe. 555 pairs of Limited Edition Sunglasses were designed by Barcelona based Vasava including 1555 Senor Blanco. Art toys were created and distributed by Atom Plastic only to a few exclusive doors in New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka and Bogota- Kid Robot stores in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. 55DSL x Dim Mak x Ferrino Survival Kit was created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based record label Dim Mak and Italian tent king Ferrino. Packaging designed by Dim Mak’s own Turbokrapfen.55DSL “-FIFFTYFIVEDSL

As an artist, earning a wall to transform into a piece your art is an experience for any record book. TempporArtMilan TemporArt gave T.O.D.O.S., a Spanish collective who draw their inspiration directly on the streets and bard of Madrid. – they got 55DSL walls to scribble on while Turbokrapfen, known for his explosive illustrative artwork christened 55DSL Hong Kong local. Pure admiration for the creative process Andrea and his team sponsor multiple snowboarding competitions, active in the skateboarding, motocross and surf and urban cultures.  At the 2009 Cut&Paste 2D Digital Design Tournament, winner Calvin Kwok, a young vibrant graphic artist from Hong Kong was selected to design a 55DSL capsule collection exclusively for YOOX.com. These are the ways 55DSL continues to show their passion for design and support creative freedom.


You can buy the entire collection online because they ship to the US of A BUTT, I always recommend walking across a threshold. The 55DSL Fall ’11 guys collection is currently hanging in the San Francisco and Santa Monica Diesel stores in Cali. If you call New York home; I am! You can snag it at Diesel’s 5th Avenue, Union Square, and Lexington locations. Need a 360 degree FIFFTYFIVEDSL experience- Get your toosh to [281 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012]. If you have epic waves rather then my blown out mess and in the 808; 55DSL graphic tee’s live in the Ala Moana & Waikiki Diesel Stores. Ladies, don’t get your panties in a bunch, this Spring the Girls Collection will also be available in Diesel-Santa Monica. In the mean time get online if you can’t get in a store. There are games, fonts, movies, and major random stuff that is hella cool on the 55DSL web world.

Now you know The 55DSL logo is inspired by the 70’s sports era with a 90’s flare. Being Renzo’s favorite number the negative space between the two five’s create the iconic angel symbol; representing a stylization of an independence movement. Skate, surf, shread,  mix, snap, create, chase, love and

 ………………..live at least 55 seconds a day!

Written by: Casey Golden aKa The Butt Therapist 10.17.11