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live for the kids

Live at least 55 seconds a day, an inspirational montra and an aspirational clothing line for the ones discovering themselves a little bit more everyday. “What do you get when you cross Caribbean attitude with Magnum P.I.? Caribbean P.I.! So ditch that lame Hawaiian shirt, slap on your aviators and grow in your ‘stache because the 55DSL S/S12 male’s collection is about to take you a stylish beach adventure. It’s irie, mon. Attempting to describe a girlin one word is like trying to climb Mount Everest in flip flops; In a nutshell: impossible. In fact the S/S12 55DSelle collection has been specifically designed around what we think is every girl’s natural right; to continuously play with different looks and never commit to one attitude!”-55DSL

It’s fresh, not overly commercial, made well and the collections got style even if you haven’t figured out your own yet. HELLO the price is even do-able on an allowance. It might teach you what a little hard work is worth or  the pleasures of saving your pennies… either way 55DSl should be more known in junior highs.. no hall pass required “get yours”



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