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Kicked it with G-star

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I kicked it with G-Star today and we’ve got a little product knowledge to share just in case you don’t remember what was happening in the denim world in 1996. Alex and John are 2 G-star RAW rockstars that are definitely above your average denim rep’s. Brands can only go so far without the “right” people representing them and building relationships with their retailers and denim slingers.


So, back in the day Diesel ruled the world…okay so, Diesel still rules the world and I would never think to steal the thunder from Renzo but some props are deserved for G-Star RAW focusing on denim that WAS NOT trending in the style sheets across fashion pages in Europe and the Americas. RAW denim in its purest form, one rinse, mercer treatments… DARK, clean and Whisker free… they over flow’ith the cup by adding a 3-dimensional fit.



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