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Who’s got my back?

All my passionate and hilarious friends, my AMAZING family and to the Businesses and personalities that took my success to heart and made it their business here is a list of businesses that EVERYONE should check out! Thank you for every share, every VOTE and every word of encouragement!

Thank you for the PRESS 


FOX12 Oregon: http://www.kptv.com/local-video/index.html?grabnetworks_video_id=4656067


The Denim Guyhttp://thedenimguy.com/


Portland Monthly Magazine– http://www.portlandmonthlymag.com/blogs/shop-talk/vote-on-wrangler-for-a-pdx-jean-april-2011/


Thank you for Supporting The Butt Therapist on your Business Page


Chez Moi Boutique: http://www.chezmoistyle.com/


Anne Bocci Boutique: http://www.annebocciboutique.com/


Ashley with A Perfect Party:http://www.facebook.com/aperfectpartyandevents?sk=wall


Dimitris of Dimitris ZOZ Denim: http://www.dimitriszoz.com/


Dimitris of FrEaKy FrYdAy DenIm: http://www.facebook.com/freakyfrydaybrand?sk=wall


Nicolo of Bull Dog Tavernhttp://www.bulldog-tavern.com/


Georg of Georg Roth LA: http://www.georgrothlosangeles.com/

Sian-Pierre of SWAGGER NYC and Paris: http://swaggernewyork.com/


Kevin Martin of The Gracious Few– http://www.thegraciousfew.com/


Arthur Wornum from “The Biggest Loser” http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/contestants/


Alicia Buffman of MWLC:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Weight-Loss-Challenge-MWLC/145473965501081


Joe Rare of A Vibrant Life: http://www.vibrantlifehcg.com/


George Zaharoff of Zaharoff Apparel: http://zaharoff.com/


Amy of A Day in my Shoes: http://www.martinfriedmanphotography.com/A_day_in_my_shoes.html


Jeff of Agave Denimhttp://www.agavedenim.com/


Olga of Peoples Pride 4 All Denim: http://www.peoplespride4all.com/


Bridgeport Village Mall: http://www.bridgeport-village.com/


Jason of Jason Calderon Apparel: http://www.jcalderon.com


Nancy of Thread Letters:   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thread-Letters/300203646202?sk=info


Tiffany of Cakes ‘n’ Takes: http://www.facebook.com/cakes.n.takes?sk=info


Ed Kavishe of Fashion Wire Presshttp://www.fashionwirepress.com/


Rosanna of Style Week Providence: http://www.styleweekprovidence.com/


Kylie Bax of The Original NZ Boots: http://theoriginalnzboots.tumblr.com/


Linda of Innovative Promotional Concepts: http://www.ipcpromos.com/


Damien of San Damian Collection: http://www.sandamianline.com/staging/001/usa/staticcat.php?catid=72


Everyone at Mario’shttp://marios.com/


Katelynne Coxhttp://www.katelynnecox.com/


Everyone with Portland Fashion Week: http://www.portlandfashionweek.net/


Everyone at Tweaker Labs: http://www.tweakerlabs.com/


William of Split Wine Bar: http://splitwinebar.com/


Jo of Physical Element: http://www.physicalelement.com/


Mark from Hugo BOSS: http://www.hugoboss.com/us/en/collection.php


Amy from Meringuehttp://meringueboutique.com/


Emily of MuffinHead: http://www.muffinheaddog.com


Special thanks to: Marie Miller, Thomas, Lyle, David Emery, Tami, Jeanne,  Tristan Flanery, Vince Gonzales, Jonathan Joseph Peters, Leah, Jenn, Jay Sario, Caileigh, Penny, Melvin Murray, Edan Dawn, Larrieann, The Bisio Family, Heather, the Jones Family, Diesel Jeans Norway, Troy, Sarah, Star, Maytee & Chris Miller, Cynthia, Eryn, Jason, Travis and Anna Cohen for being my cheerleaders!