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The nextblue contest has ended


Thank you for your endless support and clicking the “VOTE” button everyday. Many of you have been sharing with friends and have become my personal denim cheerleaders. I appreciate everything you have done and taking an active role in my success. I only hope that when the time comes that you need me you’ll let me know because…I’ve GOT YOUR BACK! Thank you Thank you Thank you! This was an amazing experience for me to experiment with design and pull out those drawing pencils and rulers from the trenches… I really enjoyed the creation process and one day WILL have my own jeans… I may just rip a pair of mine up and pull out the sewing machine! This gave me the chance to face my fear of the video camera and self-promote something that I have always shy’ed away from. What will come next… who knows but know that it will be better because of this and knowing I have YOUR SUPPORT!