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I had 2.45 minutes in FOX

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Today…I had 2.45 minutes on FOX12 Oregon to talk about the blues! Wrangler had a denim design competition and I am one of the TOP 5 FINALIST. Make your VOTE COUNT:


VOTE EACH and EVERYDAY until 9pm (Pacific time) April 26th



here’s what you do…VISIT: http://www.nextblue.com/entry/157497 Sign in with FACEBOOK (it’s safe) you can register your email but the verification email takes a bit or goes in junk mail. 



See the picture above and the “VOTE FOR ME”button…PUSH IT! Then a CONFIRMATION will pop up that your vote has been received. Now, you select the share on Facebook and spread the word. I’ve got the whole WEST COAST to represent! 


Thank you for voting for me and showing the LOVE- Please don’t forget to post a comment. Show Wrangler you CARE and I would LOVE to hear what you think! You can always keep tabs on DENIM by VISTING: www.ButtTherapist.com for all your denim deeds.


Thank you Portland, Oregon for supporting me.


All my best; all the time


Casey Golden

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