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Q: Do you know what she was asking me?

Question: Hey =) sorry but do you know what she was asking me about the whole missionary, leader, follower, etc. thing? thanks =) Love your blog bw <3
Butt Therapist Answer: Let’s break it down in MORE than 140 characters: The real question is: Q: What is your Personal Fashion Style Perspective?

A: Are you a Trend leader; bold and fashion forward. Rock anything you LOVE! 

B: Are you a trend follower; just following mainstream fashion trends. Mainly in Magazines and celebrity style.

C: Are you “missionary” when it comes to style…a do nothing kinda girl…ex: sweatpants and UGG’s!

D: Are you a Fashion Zombie; just follow the “GAP” crowd and emotionally unattached to your style. Better my dear?

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