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The Denim Guy: CEO, Augusto Romano sits down with The Denim Guy

Link: The Denim Guy: CEO, Augusto Romano, Sits down with The Denim Guy


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First, Can you give our readers a little background about the brand? For example… When it started? How did they come up with the name?

It all started in 1994… Meltin’ Pot was born because our mother company, Romano S.p.A., wanted to use its 40 years old expertise in making jeans and apply this to a new project, which was more design and product oriented, and share our passion for denim by creating new and exciting products.

The name came from the observation of a new and interesting process that was happening in other more dynamic societies, that’s to say the blending and mixing of cultures that created new ones. That was actually the beginning of what we today know as globalization, for us the Meltin’Pot.

What inspired you to be part of the global denim community?

I’m not a designer, a CEO… Anyway, I’m here because I’ve been living surrounded by denim since I was born, and couldn’t imagine anything else different than this… I have a strong passion for jeans, it’s all I wear, and that’s why I’m here…

Now, What keeps you wanting to stay in the denim industry?

(see above) The same passion that took me here…!

Being a CEO to a denim brand must be hard. Trying to “re-invent” denim season after season is a challenge in itself. What is your inspiration process like for each season?

In designing jeans, the inspiration is always modernity. The goal is to design a jean that fits well with everyday, contemporary life… That’s where we look when we think about the new collections, and that means going around, seeing places, meeting people and looking at how modern and international life works.

What are you denim predictions for the next 18months for both men and women?

I think that fits are going to play a huge part in the near future… there’s a strong trend towards new and innovative fits, that are neither slim nor regular, but a creative mix of different characteristic and new volumes…

Obviously, washes and treatment are becoming more and more sophisticated, I think we’ll see many strong and aggressive jeans

What makes your denim line different from every other denim line out there?

It’s mine…!!! Jokes apart, the difference with the others are that Meltin’Pot represents our personal interpretation of the denim culture, that is obviously different than other brands. Our jeans are an expression of our personality, and this is what gives the Brand its strong identity.

Where do you see the brand at in 5 years? (Or where would you like to see the brand at in 5 years)

I would like Meltin’Pot to be a strong global Brand, that has the culture and the expertise to say something important in the international denim world.

If you feel comfortable, I would love to share with the readers some things about who YOU are?

Regarding me, I grow up here, in Matino, in the deep south of Italy, and this is where I actually live, very close to MP’s  headquarters. I travel a lot, so I would say that my typical workday has a lot to do with planes and airports… But here, in my office, my job involves a lot of meetings, regarding sales and forecasts, whilst overseeing  the actual jeans design, marketing… All the aspect of the brand’s direction.

When I’m not travelling, I have the luck to live in a beautiful area, so I have the chance to do a lot of outdoor sports; even when I’m away, though, I always take my running shoes with me, I love to explore cities through a nice jog… I’m very eclectic, try to discover, try and taste different things… So, I wouldn’t say that I have something specific I like… I could say that I like everything that’s new to me!