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My Inspiration for Torque

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INSPIRATION: There is one constant in every denim brand “The rear-view is at the fore front of design”. I have fit over 5,000 tooshes each one searching for the perfect fit for them. In the course, I have earned over 100 pair of jeans and there is still room in my assortment to grow. I hope that innovation and creativity will continue to inspire new jeans every season, so my collection will never be complete. I know my denim butts and all the “but’s” that come along with the search. Now, my hand has the opportunity to take everything I have learned  though all the smiles, the screams, the shock, and the tears, to create a jean that might just have the ability to translate across many men and women to replace their favorite pair of jeans; by designing the perfect derriere.


Generally, fall collections are focused on dark denim including current trends in the market place. In contrast, though my experience, I have found that the one pair of jeans in everyone’s closet that qualify as everyone’s most loved jean is a shade of a lighter color.  These are the “go to” jeans for something special, when your’re feeling down- just putting them on makes you feel just a little bit better. I feel that it would be smart for Wrangler to launch a new denim line with such a jean in mind.


The denim industry is filled with di-hard Denim Heads and some say there is nothing left that can be done to jeans that is “NEW”. I am here to prove that there is plenty of room for innovation, a new brand, and a fit that hasn’t been done and possible has the ability to become a NEW “social” standard in the country lifestyle fashion market.