POSTED BY: Tammy Davis

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POSTED BY: Tammy Davis of Chez Moi Boutique in Soldotna, AK…and a bestie! ……this is a design for Australia Wrangler…If I could get THIS design in a riding jean…well I would never take them off!!! It is spring time in Alaska…which means the horse tack comes out of storage and the arena is groomed! Then…I realized I have no riding jeans in my closet that fit me!! My first thought: I need to pick up some Wranglers. Second thought: who can I pay to break them in!!:) They are like Carharts…if you have never worn them it is like starching your jeans putting them on, and then giving it about 2 months to make them soft.


My other concern: Like Casey I am in high end retail…last year I rode the whole summer in My Joe’s Muse jeans…let’s just say it was super comfy and my ass was covered (and looked good) but the inside seams just didn’t last long….the best thing about the Wrangler brand in my opinion is that iconic sexy little brown label on the ass! But the pocket placement needs to be modernized…so get to it KC!!:)