I found a love letter

WOW- I just came across a love letter on twitter tonight… what a great evening. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people and have a crown of the most wonderful people surrounding me. Thank you Ms. Lierre for your kind words… and to see how you have embraced your style over the past 2 years is epic and inspiring to so many that are timid about letting loose and rocking it everyday. You are truly beautiful and so special to me. Thank you darling for your kinder than sweetest words and your support!



yes to better denim

Casey Golden, known by many as the @butttherapist, always finds the greatest jeans for her clients, regardless of their shape, stature, age or gender.
I am not using the word always lightly.
I mean it.
I also mean it when I say that she is not a trend monger. She doesn’t force us to adopt fads, and won’t allow us to ignore own dimensions, personalities and (ahem) good taste in the name of being on-trend. Instead, she helps us embrace the best jeans and fashion to articulate our senses of style. She brings us the jeans that make us feel how we want to feel—the most confident, most rockin’ versions of ourselves.
Just imagine if she could use her skills to design, rather than find, jeans for us in the near future.
If you’d like a preview of this future, you can see and vote for Casey’s design entry in the Next Blue competition tomorrow, April 19. I’m looking forward to seeing how she translated her amazing insights as a stylist to a pair of jeans, and I already know I’ll be voting for her design.
I believe in supporting talent when I see it. And for the past two years I’ve seen that Casey has more than a good eye and work ethic. She has a talent (or probably what some would call a gift) for boosting people’s confidence, and frankly, their butts.
You can learn more about Casey on her blog and on the Next Blue site. If you live in the Portland area, you can also see her in action at Mario’s 310. Yes, the jeans there aren’t inexpensive, but they’re more than worth it.
With that, there’s just one more thing for me to say.
Vote for Casey!
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