Hello Denim butts…

Hello Denim butts….Tuesday the 19th is the start of the FINAL voting process for the www.nextblue.com contest I have entered to decied WHO will be the NEXT Wrangler Denim Designer. I have flown out and flown back, the highlight may have been visiting White Oak- one of the oldens denim mills in the US and seeing first hand how denim is made it to this coveted material.

Please “let me keep you” I know that the voting process is repetitive and can be annoying. Stick around and embrace the passion behind it. Help me make one of my little dreams come true and bring my denim to market! On April 26th @midnight the voting closes and a winner will be announced. I think I have completed a jean for both MEN’S and WOMEN’S that you will love wearing!


All my love,

The Butt Therapist

Photo gifted by: http://avina.tumblr.com/post/4661785376/remade

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