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The brand BOOK “Torque”

You have now been introduced to my vision of Torque   T=F x d


**#denim #denimlove photos coming soon.

Torque embraces the Wrangler heritage and pulls it into the rest of your world.

“in it for the long haul”

This has turned out beautiful and worth staying up for. I have yet to go to sleep since Monday night. It’s odd… I am loving what I am doing more than anything I have ever done! I LOVE DENIM more than I thought and …you know I LOVE JEANS!

Strong enough for a GREAT jean… and I have enough to do a full collection. This has been the greatest opportunity to put my skills and knowledge to the test and actually go through all the steps to create, plan and execute a denim line. I have learned so much about Wrangler and myself in the last week.

Tomorrow I am going to present to the Wrangler board- Wish me LUCK!

Get ready to VOTE April 19th through the 29th!!!


Passionately yours,

Casey- your Butt Therapist