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This is how jeans are born!

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Posted on www.nextblue.com Sun, 04/10/2011 – 20:34

I thought I would share this great information that is often overlooked. LEARN baby- LEARN!


Everyone has his or her favorite, worn-in pair of jeans, which have only gotten better with time. But do you have any idea what your dear old jeans had to go through to get to you? Here is a step-by-step process involved in creating the perfect pair of blue jeans – the same process the Next Blue design will go through before release in the Fall.

Cotton is harvested, then ginned (treated) to separate it from its seeds, cleaned and packed into bales

Ginned cotton is then pulled from bales and carded—a process in which the cotton is placed through machines containing brushes, which clean, disentangle, straighten, and gather the cotton fibers known as silvers

The silvers are joined together in another machine which twists them; once twisted the silvers are put on a spinning machine, which further twists the fibers to form yarn

While most fabrics are woven from yarn and then dyed, the opposite is true when creating a pair of jeans. Instead, yarn is dyed in an indigo mixture several times to ensure the dye covers the yarn in layers

The dyed yarn is then coated with starch to ensure the threads are made stronger and stiffer

Next, yarn is woven on large looms used to create denim cloth. The recently died blue threads are then woven with white threads, to ensure blue threads, which are packed closer together dominate the cloth

The treated denim cloth goes through a finishing process in which the cloth is brushed to remove loose threads and lint, and the denim is usually skewed in a way that will prevent it from twisting when it is made into clothing

Using design patterns, pieces of denim are cut with high speed cutting machines from stackers 100 layers thick

Pieces of denim are then assembled and sewn together to form a pair of jeans. Sewing is typically done in an assembly like fashion, with rows of industrial human-operated sewing machines

To alter the appearance and texture of the jeans, they are sometimes put through washing processes such as pre-washing or stone-washing

The completed pair of jeans is placed into a large pressing machine that steam irons the entire garment in about a minute

A brand tag is punched into the fabric and the jeans are folded, stacked, and prepared for shipment

And there you have it, the complete process from start to finish on how your jeans are born!

-Wrangler, nextblue