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To be green or NOT?

Erika, one of the sweetest gals I have ever met. Last year I worked with Portland Fashion Week building their Buyer Relations program and wholesale market venue. This gal has a killer work ethic and an opinion that counts; one of the best interns I have ever had near me. Keep your eye on her as the person that gets to develop her will be a lucky player! Now back to the question…. to be GREEN or NOT? Green is so important but with the rising cost of goods and raw materials the ability to be green is rare. Consumers say they care but still hesitate to shed the extra dollar.

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On March 1, 2011, the apparel industry took a huge step in the green direction with the unveiling of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a new initiative that not only helps companies track their level of sustainability with the use of eco indexes, but holds them accountable for their efficiency as well. Being a part of the green revolution has been trendy for a while, but it is high time for it to become a mainstay, don’t you think?

Collaborating members include big shot apparel and footwear companies (i.e. H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., and Nike), government programs (i.e. Environmental Defense Fund), and other NGOs. According to the SAC’s website, responsibilities of these leading members are:

-Agreement to engage upstream suppliers to collect data in support of the index at a time to be set by the Coalition.
-Commitment to work toward attaining a specified, minimal level of best practices within the member company’s supply chain.
-Agreement to share best practice information in support of Coalition initiatives to improve supply chain performance industry-wide.
-For affiliated organizations (NGOs or trade associations), a clear statement showing alignment with Coalition Vision, Purpose and Shared Beliefs

We have always prided ourselves in knowing that “green was the new black” here at Portland Fashion Week, so we can’t help but show our support and get the ball rolling. We’ll be sure to keep all of you eco-fashionistas updated, so don’t forget to visit Portland Fashion Weekly soon!

Visit the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s website to see a full list of founding members:www.apparelcoalition.org.

-Erika Christiansen