WRANGLER called– I am going to Greensboro, North Carolina to work with the design team and 4 other finalist to design the NEXTBLUE jean for Wrangler!

Stick around because your opinion STILL COUNTS! You have the control because the Finalist competition begins 4/19-4/26. The MOST VOTES WINS!

Just like this round YOU can¬†VOTE once a day-EVERYDAY! I am going to do my best to create what YOU WANT but I am gonna need your “CLICK” to take me to the winners circle.

Thank you for VOTING for me and taking the time to register on the site (I know it was a pain) I really appreciate it! Your support is invaluable to me and the kind words and love you shared on my blog, twitter, FB page, & my cell phone… YOU are amazing and I am one hell of a LUCKY GIRL to have so many amazing people in my life that care about me and willing to give me a boost when I need a little help! Thank you for everything and I will keep you INFORMED and IN-the-KNOW!



Passionately yours,

your butt therapist