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My first video

and my first contest. My life has consisted of a lot of first’s; that is how we learn right, by trying new things. I am entering a Denim Design CONTEST…very last minute; so last minute that it happened last night at about 9pm. Since then, I have thought of a entry concept and written a script. Today, I practiced talking in the car to and from work…my apologizes if you were sharing the freeway!

In the last 3 hours I have tracked down a VERY hard pair of jeans, finalized my script, found someone to videotape, chosen a song (thank you MarMar) and designed a denim concept that I think YOU would want. Right now, I have entered a realm of song editing and this is difficult! 

I talk… I talk a lot… especially- about denim. I love jeans and I could talk for weeks on end about them. So, how do you shut the Butt Therapist up?…turn on a camera! I am going to be facing my fear tomorrow in order to execute a concept and a paper bag will be accompanying me when I haul over 100 pairs of jeans downtown!

I have been wanting to upload denim fit guides and other videos but have found myself so scared of being in front of the camera that I have an empty YOUTUBE station. So, at 4pm the red light will be on and I am going to through myself in front of the camera and hope for the best. 

I will give you a play by play of me over coming my fear for my LOVE of DENIM. Win or loose: I will bring my denim world closer to yours.

Stay tuned for the MANY OUT TAKES and I am sure plenty of BLOOPERS!

Don’t forget to VOTE when I post!

Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist