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My Autism Awareness: GOOGLE PROPOSAL

Link: My Autism Awareness: GOOGLE PROPOSAL

butttherapist: Okay Fashionistas and fellow Denim Addicts: HOW STRONG ARE WE? Can we make this hit Madison Avenue and Robertson Boulevard?REBLOGGING! “For the love of Denim”


We just sent in a proposal to Google for April 2011; Autism Awareness month and asked for their support. This means I NEED YOURS! Please REBLOG and share My Autism Awareness, WEB, Facebook and Twitter pages to truly make a difference for EVERYONE this year.

Let’s have Autism Awareness for the sake of AWARENESS not for one company or organization to benefit, but for ALL! 


TWITTER: @MyAutismAware

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/myautismawareness

E-Mail: MyAutismAwareness@live.com

“One cause; One symbol”

Remember- if YOU want to show your SUPPORT; we can send you the JPEG for your website or blog.

Share the LOVE!!!!!