Bacteria in blue jeans after 15 months of unwashed wear: 

From one denim specialist to another… we all know what washing your denim too often does to your coveted cloth… but what’s the real DL on sanity of skipping the rinse cycle for 5-6 washings (my personal recommendation)?

Josh Le student of University of Alberta teamed up with his textile professor, Rachel McQueen, to perform a bacterial analysis on Josh’s blue jeans after he’d worn them for 15 months.

Both surprised at the outcome- 15 months had nearly the same kind and amount of bacteria then after 1 wear. So, save water and your jeans by washing less frequently. HOWEVER, tiny pieces of sand/dirt particles wiggle their way in-between the woven cotton fibers and when they are not washed for ….15 months it will abraid and breakdown your denim. Hence my 5-6 time wear wash recommendation. 


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