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How did you “kill” your favorite jeans?…I will start with the night I went to “DUKES” the country bar with the girls. I wore my black @Hudonjeans Trouser jeans that I had RE-created into WHITE AND BLACK TIE-DIE STRAIGHT LEG jeans that HAD STITCHES AND HOLES everywhere…and perfectly placed I might add… With my first beer in hand I thought it would be a good idea to ride “the mechanical bull” now since it was early. I paid my $3.00 and hoped on. I was doing really good; I even teased the bull operator that I could handle it… I stayed on and did 5 full spins. Although 60 seconds can feel like 5 minutes…I got flung off the bull and stood up laughing…and everyone else joined in.
My Hudson jeans that I spend HOURS creating were barely holding on to my waist. The entire back had slit from the waist down to my knee in the front and back and across the entire waist band from left to right of my left leg. There I was with shredded denim barely attached by the front fly and my whole toosh in open air. Thankfully, one of the girls had a sweater to wrap around my waist for the rest of the night but… my poor jeans “RIP”!
NOTE: don’t use that much bleach-the denim is much too fragile!
alright- what’s your story?

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