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Dimitris Zoz DENIM

Dimitris Zoz DENIM

@butttherapist here is a preview for the aw2012 😉 #denim

Dimitris ZOZ– you’ve always had my attention- You are the single designer that I want a serious number of multiples! I do not have nor have seen any jeans that are quite like yours. Creativity props! You’ve taken it up several notches and there is no one in the US Denim industry that could come close to competing with you! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your AW12 collection You will forever be on my radar now, if I could just get them on my ass! Why didn’t I do this when I was in Italy? 

My denim addicts if you aren’t familure then you must go- click the photo and be welcomed into a whole new denim world with a single studded leg and where denim is nowhere near “just” a pair of jeans!

The DIMITRIS ZOZ® jeans is semi-artisan and sartorial, completely “Made in Italy”, and of very high esteem given the quality of the raw materials utilized and the artisan care with which every detail of the finished product is confectioned.

This makes it a product that’s durable over time, surviving the whims of fashion trends and seasons.

The DIMITRIS ZOZ® jeans is the result of a very accurate study of details and an exclusive choice of materials utilized: Italian cloth dyed over and treated in such a way to protect its colour; pockets lined with sartorial textile material, trouser closure with a hook and alternating side-to-side two-hole buttons; a total absence of rivets and the use of removable back labels made from a choice of prime leather.

DIMITRIS ZOZ® does not aim at being shouted out but whispered in the quality of the product.

We love to define our customer as Healty Ambassadors of Elegance, is search of quality without compromise.

DIMITRIS ZOZ® therefore, focuses on people who apart from choosing, do indeed have the know-how of choice.

Passionately yours,


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