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butttherapist: IMPRESSIVE!

Matias Denim


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Matias denim- HANDCRAFTED

butttherapist: IMPRESSIVE!


Avant-garde HANDCRAFTED denim by:Matias

How many details can one designer use in a single pair of jeans? Matias has taken Handcrafted denim and created a denim collection worthy of international attention and has set the bar in the denim Industry.

Los Angeles based artist turned designer Matias Sandoval says he fell in love with denim while working as a kind of artist in residence at local denim laundry in 2004. Sandoval creates most everything in-house at his art/denim studio,  former welding factory. Using fine fabrics such as Japanese selvage, chambray and Italian denims. he takes a “deconstructed” and “reconstructed’. avant-garde approach when creating the designs. Made in small runs, the collection, which boasts raw and vintage-look washes is carried at very selected stores.-Christopher Blomquist

Collier being proud to support this denim artist; swing by and try them on and I dare you to turn them in-side-out.