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Innovation 4 Revolution

Just when you thought denim couldn’t get any Bluer


I see a lot of product and I know a good thing when I see it. Some say that the denim industry is saturated; I believe the denim industry is saturated with a lot of designers doing the same thing. “It’s always a good time to start a good business” -Gary Vaynerchuk. Let me introduce you to an old friend and my new love,Jeff Shafer, designer and founder of Agave Denim is launching a new denim and lifestyle apparel collection October 2013 named Bluer Denim; made special just for YOU!   BUtt TherapistI have been on the edge of my seat for months waiting to scream BLUER at the top of my lungs. BLUER is focused on providing new and better denim choices for men, women, creatives, makers, Made in America activists, fashionistas and denim-heads. They stand alone as an innovative web-only, direct from designer to consumer business model that is revolutionary for the denim industry; true premium denim at previously impossible prices. 

Currently this is the ONLY e (emotional) commerce  site that features a “HOME TRY ON” experience with Made in America quality. Jeff prides himself on a transparent supply chain and his passion for the business activates a “BUY ONE GIVE ONE” denim recycling/repurposing program to achieve a corporate responsibility promise.  He hopes to change the apparel industry, one pair of jeans at a time.  A genius in my book and a respected passionate product junkie; there is no end that he won’t go to make the best product in the world.

Designed in its Portland, Oregon studio, BLUER’s jeans feature cotton grown in Georgia, Cone White Oak denim milled in North Carolina, and YKK buttons, rivets and zippers forged in Kentucky. Using eco-friendly ozone laundry processes, each piece is cut, sewn, washed and hand-finished in Los Angeles. BLUER jeans will start at a retail price of $95, which is approximately 50 percent lower than comparable products sold through the traditional wholesale/retail model—many of which are made overseas using lesser quality materials and trims.

“We constantly see other brands claiming to be premium, but BLUER actually is genuinely premium denim, in every sense of the word,” said Founder Jeff Shafer. “With a young, college age target, and a very specific and focused value set, Bluer is designed for a new emerging generation. This is a deeply personal project for me in every sense, and that’s why it’s so important to launch with Kickstarter; it’s really part of a movement that resonates well with our audience; we wouldn’t be able to do this without it. Bluer is not just a new denim label—it’s a passion project for us. We are hoping to transform the way people buy jeans forever.”- Jeff Shafer

Home Try-On

With BLUER’s home try-on program, customers will be able to try on up to three pairs of jeans in their own home. Customers will simply select up to three pairs of jeans to try, and add them to the “Home Try-On” cart.  BLUER will ship the chosen pairs, and the will have 30 days to ship back unwanted pairs. BLUER customers will only pay for what they keep, and trying on at home is completely free with no up-front fees or shipping costs. A straight purchase option will also be offered.


Buy One, Give One

Introducing its program to get unwanted jeans out of closets and into the hands of those in need, BLUER presents a humanitarian and sustainable solution. For every pair of jeans a customer purchases through BLUER’s official website, BLUER will buy back a used pair from them for $5, sanitize them, and deliver them to someone who really needs them. As a brand promise, BLUER is striving to adhere to ethical business practices that include providing recycled and repurposed denim to people in need, as well as strict corporate responsibility and a reduced environmental impact. “Building our brand, from the beginning, based on responsible practices is something important to us and our target customer,” Shafer said. “We not only want to provide quality denim at a reasonable price, but also do our part for our economy and our environment.”


Get involved!

 On June 4, 2013,  the founder of Bluer Denim launched a Kickstarter ( campaign to introduce BLUER to the world; he wanted YOU to be the first to participate in a new blue print for the American denim industry.  Not only will the Kickstarter funds be used to fulfill the first run of limited edition jeans, jackets, and shirts for our backers, it will also be used to fund a new chapter in the denim industry.   I am a proud backer and supporter of the Bluer initiative and value proposition. This is what America is made of; passionate people making premium product with a proper supply chain. I am proud to be associated wish the “THE BLUER MOVEMENT” to the world.



Passionately yours,
The Butt Therapist