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Box it up #Denim Butt

Dear Denim Butts,

There are a lot of people who could use that jacket from last year that you wore 3 times before you fell in love with the one you wear everyday. You know that 2–fer deal on sponges and 409 that made you stock up last month; it was for a reason and I’ll bet it could do more good being used on the East Coast than it is in your closet. It’s time for a NATIONAL CLOSET CLEAN-OUT! Hoarders this is YOUR CALLING!  We all want to do something but sometimes we feel powerless. As often times, being able to help can get pretty complicated navigating the red tape during a major disaster.

So, I made some phone calls and lit up Facebook and found an organization that will gladly take YOUR individual donation and make sure it gets to someone who needs it NOW. So, grab a box and a sharpe cause we’ve got some work to do. 23 States were affected and we all know that Mother Nature is not finished with us, there is more to come for all of us. Box it up bros’ cause we’re FAMILY!

Directions for the quickest distribution:

1 box per product category of CLEAN, NEW or Slightly loved items (keep in mind if you were in trouble could you use what you are sending)

ie: Outerwear: mixed gender- Jackets, Scarves, Hats, Ear Muffs, Gloves, FLEECE

ie: Children’s Clothing: Mixed Gender- Pajamas, Fleece, Sweaters, Outerwear

ie: Men’s Clothing: Workwear, Jeans, Sweaters, Fleece, Outerwear

ie: Women’s Apparel: Workwear, Sweaters, Jeans, Fleece, Outerwear, Earmuffs

ie: Baby Items: Diapers, Bottles, Bottle Liners, Baby Clothing, Blankets, Baby Food

Coats, New Socks, Work Gloves, Batteries, Diapers, Formula, Fleece, Flashlights, Warm Gloves, Large Garbage Bags, general tools

Now, keep is clean, good condition and organized. Mark on the outside of the box what category your box is providing. This way the “Sandy” volunteer can skip the time associated with sorting goods and focus on getting it there! Make this a system that can work in the future.

GOOD Food is needed that is non-perishable: BABY FOOD, Water, baby formula, peanut butter, bread, tuna fish, crackers, juice, boxed milk, protein bars, etc.

NEED Cleaning Products: Sponges, cleaning supplies, rags, dust pans, WORK GLOVES, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, baby wipes, batteries, flash lights, sleeping bags, toiletries (remember the hotel stuff- SEND IT).

Please don’t forget about Queens, The Rockaways, Staten Island and all the SMALL TOWNS IN NEW JERSEY that still do not have power and their HOMES have disappeared. We can only get through this when we work together! I will be updating this list and re-posting when it is needed. I will hopefully have a few additional addresses to cover immediate needs in different areas that have mail delivery so we can spread our helping hands and give to those who need it so desperately. 

DESIGNERS: SEND LAST SEASON’S SAMPLES so everyone can go to work while they rebuild! They need NEW CLOTHING and you’ve got trunks full!

This is a super informational FB page:

If you live in the NY/NJ area and want to help in-person:


No one gets FORGOTTEN

To send items for the NJ Shore

Belmar Hurricane Relief Distribution Center

608 River Rd

Belmar, NJ 07719


To send items for Far Rockaway, Staten Island, and Brooklyn

Occupy Sandy

c/o St. Jacobi Church
5406 4th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11220


To send items for Long Beach, NY:

Long Beach NY Hurricane Information and Relief
157 E Sunrise Hwy

Freeport, NY 11520


Back packs or medium sized duffle bags with a strap

Under Armour shirts

Batteries -AA, C, and D

Wool socks
Wool hats
Suede work gloves
Winter gloves
Under wear thermal (new please)
Industrial coffee pots
Coffee and filters
Hot Chocolate
Hot cups
Energy drinks (monster, red bull)

For down time on standby:
Paper back books
Playing cards
Portable DVD players

Medical Supplies:
Anything you can find in your local pharmacy or food store first aid isle. Also:
C collars
Roller gauze
Disposable blankets
Rubber gloves
Oxygen masks
Trauma dressings
Band aids

Thanks to Suzanne Choney from @NBC we’ve got a list of other ways you can make a difference. 

  • WORLD VISION: Describing itself as “a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families” and communities, World Vision provides flood clean-up kits, hygiene kits, blanket and food kits.

Text message: Text the word GIVEUSA to 777444 to donate $10.

Phone: 888-511-6443.

  • The Salvation Army: Text message: Text the word STORM to 80888 to make a $10 donation. To confirm the donation, respond with the word “Yes.”

Phone: 800-SAL-ARMY (800-725-2769)

  • AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION: Text message: Text the word HUMANE to 80888 to donate $10.

Phone: 866-242-1877.

  • COMMUNITY FOODBANK OF NEW JERSEY: This group coordinates efforts with the state’s Office of Emergency Management, as well as with state and local nonprofit organizations.

Phone: (908) 355- FOOD (3663), ext. 243

  • AMERICARES: This group provides emergency medicine and supplies. Donations are accepted on its accepts donations on its website.

Phone: 800-486-4357

  • NEW YORK CARES: This local NYC program is “the city’s largest volunteer organization, running volunteer programs for 1,300 nonprofits, city agencies and public schools.” It is recruiting volunteers to help with Sandy relief efforts, and is also raising money. Online: New York Cares

Phone: 212-228-5000

  • AMERICARES: This group provides emergency medicine and supplies. Donations are accepted on its accepts donations on its website.

Phone: 800-486-4357

  • COMMUNITY FOODBANK OF NEW JERSEY: This group coordinates efforts with the state’s Office of Emergency Management, as well as with state and local nonprofit organizations.

Phone: (908) 355- FOOD (3663), ext. 243

  • DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL:  The organization provides medicine and supplies to partner health centers and clinics.

Text message: Text the word RELIEF to 27722 to give $10.

Phone: 805-964-4767

  • JEWISH FEDERATIONS OF NORTH AMERICA: The Jewish Federations of North America Hurricane Relief Fund will contribute to recovery and rebuilding.

Text message: Text the word RELIEF to 51818 to pledge a donation.

  • UNITED METHODIST COMMITTEE ON RELIEF: Provides immediate relief, assistance with cleanup and rebuilding, pastoral counseling and support for children and youth who have been through trauma.

Text message: Text the word RESPONSE to 80888 to give a $10 donation.

Phone: 800-554-8583

  • CATHOLIC CHARITIES USA: Catholic Charities provides emergency food, shelter, direct financial assistance, counseling, and support “regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds.”

Online: More information here; main website here.

Phone: 800-919-9338



One of the most badly damaged communities in Sandy’s wake is Breezy Point, Queens. Catholic University student Matthew Petronis created this fundraising page to help his community rebuild. “I have seen the damage and can say that the place where I grew up during my childhood is almost gone,” he wrote on the page, “but that is not the case for the children that are growing up now!”

Remember that while giving is good, beware of those out there who are not good and are trying to trick you by taking your money. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene last year, the Federal Trade Commission‘s caution still holds true: “Scammers may try to take advantage of a disaster, and so consumers should be wary of urgent appeals for charitable donations, and watch out for fraudulent home repair schemes after a storm.”

You can read more about avoiding home repair rip-offs and charity fraud from the FTC.

Also, the FBI has counseled on its Facebook page “to beware of fraudulent emails and websites claiming to conduct charitable relief efforts. Disasters prompt individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization or a good cause,” and suggests reading “Tips on Avoiding Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Schemes” to learn more about avoiding online fraud.

-Compiled by Suzanne Choney,

Time and time again we are tested of our strength, our love and ability to join forces and build!  We will still be here when the press dies; the destruction is more than anyone could ever capture on the news– survivors need BIG HELP and BIG LOVE! My greatest fear is that when the press stops; the donations stop. I’ve lived on the West Coast when Katrina hit and it is very easy not to SEE the need after it is no longer shown- East Coast NEEDS MORE! This is going to take time to rebuild and for people to reassemble their lives. And note to everyone– let’s just ALL figure out a way to get flood insurance because no one should be paying a mortgage on a condemned or disappeared structure.

I’ll be re-posting as I gather more destination addresses! SHARE THE PAGE!


Box it up denim butts

All my love and support,

The Butt Therapist