Monthly Archives: October 2012

“Sacré Bleu”

…..from shuffling through security and bouncing from terminal to terminal; I went on the endless search and found a bit of a guilty pleasure. If I am reading it must be good… because,  I know I should be writing rather than indulging in someone else’s story. If only there were such a thing as silent dictation; mind to paper without the pidder patter. After twelve hours on the computer at the office the last thing I want to do when I get home is “log-in” but the love romances me back… it never fails and I’d be heartbroken if it ever had. Thankfully a laptop batteries death accompanied by a cell phone warning made my boarding pass turn another color.. grinning as I curl up with a book thirty thousand feet above reality. I wish I could travel everywhere from above the clouds… If you are in-love with blue, belu, blu, or perhaps in-love with the layers of emotion that are built up on a canvas; you may just want to join me from point  “a” to point “b” along with the colorman and the tragedy of ultramarine.     

For every shade enjoy every page……….