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“Bruised, never broken”.


Hello Casey,

 First I’d like to thank you for your website and the time you take to help us guys out.  After listening to your podcast with Antonio Centeno in Real Men Real Style, I’ve been reading your blog and articles for men ever since.  Its helped spark a little bit of a denim addiction!  I’ve been trying on premium jeans like crazy lately.  Before I took your advice, I was always a Mavi Max kind of guy (super huge fit, but I liked the soft denim).  Because of my relatively large thighs and calves I still do have trouble finding jeans that fit well.
For your reference my body measurements (on skin) are 38.5″ at jean waist, 28″ thigh, 18″ calf.  I am 5′ 7″ but mostly upper body, a short rise is basically a regular rise for me (9″-10″ in front is the sweet spot), all my pants need to be hemmed.  Mostly jeans size 38 stretch far too much at the waist and seat; I end up having to belt them and get diaper butt.  Currently, the AG Hero’s in 36 work best at the waist and thigh, but I find the bottom leg opening to be a bit large for me.  Protege’s in 36 are just way too tight, and are pasted to the back of my thigh.  Lucky 221’s in 36 are the tightest I can go on my thighs, they start off too tight, but stretch out to comfortable.  Surprisingly the AG Geffen (slouchy slim) in 36 fits really well in the thigh has good room and the calf is tighter but not bad (it makes me look taller), the Geffen doesn’t hug the seat as well as the Hero though, so I’m afraid if it stretches it will get a bit saggy back there. So if you know of any jeans that fit well in butt, have good room in the thigh, and slightly taper (not crazy taper), I’ll be set! (tough order I know).
Anyway, all of that above was mostly to help you understand my fit (I’d send a pic, but no digital camera yet, getting a smartphone soon).  I recently was in a Lucky Jean store and the sales associates got me to try on a pair of their red jeans.  So, with some reluctance I did, and they actually looked really really good. Unfortunately, they are in a 121 slim fit, and while I could fit into the 36, they were way too tight, and looked like male jeggings.  Sizing up to a 38 was no good, as the waist was way too large and butt saggy.  So, I’ve been trying to find darker red (not pink) jeans online and ran into these Gardeur Jeans on Sierra outpost:
I’m not sure if you have any experience with the fit of this brand or model, but if you have any idea, please let know!
Sorry about the length of this (it got away from me).
—-Jonathan from Chicago


Hi Jonathan glad I was able to jump start your denim addiction! Gardeur is a great pant and often you can find them in denim alternatives like a nice grey herringbone twill, olive, tans, chocolates and chords. They are an easy fit!
If a red jean is what you are after Hudson Jeans have made the best this season! The Byron Red Selvage Jean. It had a 10′ rise and a 16″ leg opening. If $242.00 is a bit much for a trendy jean than John Varvados at $115.00 is an easy fill and good fit.
However, to feed your denim excitement I am going to take you down another route and expose you to a long love of mine. True denim heads know the label and the denim is recognizable to anyone who knows their jeans. I think you’ve got the everyday jean down; stick with the Geffen if it fits good. Remember Denim will give and stretch to fit YOU- so don’t worry if the back of the thigh is a little grabby if you have athletic thighs that will be the first area that starts breaking-in and loosening up.  Welcome to Prps; the Baracudda fit is strong and the damn jeans deserve a frame!

Established in 2002, Prps is a New York based denim brand founded by former Nike designer, Donwan Harrell. The brand motto is “Bruised, never broken”. Woven on the original 1960’s Levi Strauss looms. Prps jeans are manufactured in Japan. The denim used for the manufacture of the jeans, is organically grown in Africa using the strongest and best cotton from Zimbabwe. The Japanese manufacturer of the jeans uses looms from the 1960s similar to the type that were used to produce denim for Levi’s. Now a small family business that had been around for decades. Harrell says that the manufacturing process was inspired by denim worn by workers before it became popular as an everyday fashion. Some of the distinguishing features of Prps jeans include a folded back pocket, the purple tab on the back pocket, different colored buttons on the fly, and purple line selvage.

Every season they reinvent the most unique washes inspired with a story, a way of life and hand drawings to take you on a journey. By far the denim for a connoisseur, they guy that’s got everything and is interested in a sick jean that has no age limit. Now that I am in NYC I will be kicking it with Chris and Josh 2 people on the Prps crew that inspire the brand sharing the story and processes form retailer to retailer. There will be more to come from this brand in stores and on The Butt Therapist.

Thank you Jonathan for your e-mail and I hope I was able to guide you in the right denim direction.. please keep me updated on your denim purchases!

Passionately Indigo,

The Butt Therapist

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