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Cabeza my Chino

Agave denim is winning in my book season after season. While other denim companies are cutting corners and increasing their core collections Agave and Agave Nectar is increasing their fashion, denim alternatives and using the absolute best raw materials and creating better look books and ad campaigns then I am seeing from any JBRAND stool, AG Jeans wall or 7 fam  spread. People you gotta make sure you are supporting the companies that are keeping you close to their heart. My dollar will always be earned at Agave! 


“Jeff and Lauren Shafer took inspirations for Spring 2012 especially color from Sea of Cortez and trips they made to Baja during the sixties and seventies. Spring is packed with color reminiscent of those sunny trips and beautiful vacations. Spring Agave style is “West Coast Luxury” and is not defined by age but by ones inner confidence and ability to enjoy the simple beauty of life.

 Husband and wife owners/designers, Jeff and Lauren Shafer, always regard designing an art and fabric as their canvas. They are both extremely passionate about finding the most innovative luxury fabrics every season. They feel this determines every element of their design details and fits. Jeff spends hours hunting and scouring boutique mills for the best.  Lauren is truly fanatical about fit and as designer and fully trained pattern maker she typically makes her own first set of samples to see how they look. The Shafers use only the finest Japanese, Italian or USA-made Supima cotton denims and luxury fabrics and work with select boutique mills to design fabrics exclusive to Agave. All Agave jeans and knits are cut, sewn and hand-finished in Los Angeles, California.”- Agave 

 Jeff and Lauren’s top picks for Fall are:

  • Men’s and women’s – colored denim  – Color is a hot trend in men’s and women’s denim for Spring 2012 in addition to indigo.  There are two Spring color palette for guys true brights or more subdued.  For Agave men’s Jeff chose more subdued tones in natural  whites, gray, olive, khaki, browns and rusty orange (look book page M28 M38). For women’s Lauren shows vintage brights in colors such as  garnet red, beach glass and citrus (Page W4, W16).
  • Men’s and women’s  -denim natural looking washes – No tolerance for washes that don’t look natural.  Whether rinse, slight abrasion or heavily distressed (vintage) all must look like it happened naturally over a long period of time Page men’s  M26, M34 women’s Page W20).
  • Men’s and women’s – luxury lightweight  Italian yarn dyed cotton linens  vintaged and washed like denim in variety of colors and fits (see men’s look book page M32 and women’s page W18)
  • Men’s only – Selvage is now understood and appreciated by men with a more “true blue” point of view.  Slim and classic fit button fly jeans in raw, rinse and vintage . Agave Gold label selvage is limited edition numbered and signed the  new fit is Maverick( slim with button fly)  Jeff has added more innovative selvage weaves like white selvage and selvage chambray and in lighter weights ( see men’s page Cover/M24, M28, M30).
  • Men’s only- Casual woven shirts with tailored detailing take on a new life at Agave with a wide choice of options for Spring: chambrays, Oxford indigos calvary twills and linens all  with additional tailored details . Jeff’s favorite is page M40 of look book “Craftsman” a selvage chambray.
  • Women’s only- Truly the perfect denim skirt called the “Dolce”. An in-house  favorite is  the paneled pencil skirt with high waist A truly flattering style that elongates the body. This is available in indigo blue and colors for Spring see page W8)
  • Women’s only- Luxury & drape for Spring. Fabrics which flatter with drape are key for Spring. The  “ Nancy” shirt is a hit with everyone who sees, feels or tries it on (pageW1 and W3). Also the “Patrona” trouser in “Cabo Stretch”(page W6) Lyocell/Cotton/elastane)  has been nicknamed the ultimate luxury pant perfect for vacations and warm Summer days ahead
  • Men’s and Women’s Luxury Supima cotton knits & sweaters in rich Spring color palette

PREVIEW the full collection at

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Jeff, Lauren, Zoe, and me… the Butt Therapist!

The Kahunas


Interesting how men e-mail me and ask for help when women seem to think they will never stop and ask for directions. I have to say nearly 6 months in NYC; the men out dress the women HANDS DOWN …and it’s not that I think they are more style savvy … but they have decided they do not need to be personally responsible for knowing how to put their wardrobe together and asked for help. This one characteristic of caring less actually has a greater impact. Ladies… come on! You have a hair stylist, a manicurist, a hair removal artist, an esthetician, a dermatologist, a mechanic, a babysitter damn it start using a stylist and maybe she will find your self-esteem that seems to still be missing. You are beautiful and deserve to feel like a million bucks every day without spending around $20,000 on vanity services a year and still stress EVERY MORNING about what you are going to wear and complain about your wretched wardrobe over mimosa’s. Trust!

Guy’s thanks for having the kahunas to shoot me an e-mail and attach a photo; YOU ROCK!

Denim QUESTION: Hi, I recently listened to your podcast re: 30+ jeans advise. I am 43 years old, 6’2″ and 175 lbs, looking for jeans I can wear both casually and also with a nice shirt, blazer. Looking to buy a pair of 7 for all Mankind Standard fit jeans in the Mercer wash. Are these appropriate for my age and body type? Other brands I should look at? Thanks, Rod

Answer from The Butt Therapist: Thanks Rod- good choice for breaking out of your ordinary denim you’ve made a great pick check the length!!!!- You may want to dive into a pair of Earnest Sewn Fuller in 06 Maz Dark $117.00. It is a dark wash with a few whiskers but the nicest thing about Earnest Sewn is that their pocket placement complements a blazer nicely. The denim is strong, slightly edgy and an understated for business but you know it’s something a little more special that a pair of 7’s.  The leg opening is much more forgiving on your shoe selection as they puddle easily. {that’s a good thing}. Hudson would be my 2nd choice… in the Harper 5-pocket Slim Straight in the Mercer wash $154.00. 

Jeans should float 2/8 of an inch from the ground with your shoes on; you may not be a 32 inseam.

All my denim Love,

Your Butt Therapist

Jeans for Wishes


March 12th-16th

Make dreams come true for a child in Illinois by joining the Jeans for Wishes campaign! Companies, organizations and schools will join together this Spring and Summer to wear blue jeans  to raise funds to grant wishes for five children living in Illinois with life-threatening medical conditions for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

There are many flexible options for participation. A different date, timeframe or donation amount may be chosen to best suit that organization’s culture and interests.

1) Determine the dates of participation and donation amount. Suggested $5 for one day in Denim or $20 for employees to wear jeans ALL week to work and $2 for students rocking denim!

2) Register your organization

3) Receive via mail the Jeans for Wishes Starter Kit which includes a Make-A-Wish banner, stickers, balloons and other promotional materials

4) Participants make a donation and receive valuable coupons from Jeans for Wishes sponsors

Raise $100,000 to grant the wishes of five amazing children in Illinois.

Ethan, age 10 would like a service dog….

Diagnosis: Myoclonic Absence Seizures

Wish: A Specialized Service Dog that can help detect my seizures

What Ethan Loves to Do: Described by his mom as a very optimistic and brave with a big heart, Ethan loves go fishing with his family and throwing the ball around with his baseball team.  He loves to tell funny stories and dreams of being an architect when he grows up.

Why Ethan Chose His Wish: Ethan’s medical condition can cause up to 30 seizures in a single day.  Despite his battles for a normal life, he has very big dreams.  He was torn between two different wishes; going to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to see the sharks or having a seizure dog from a specialized canine training facility in California.  According to his mom, now Ethan is “not the kid with seizures, he is the cool kid with the dog.  This dog is going to be his best friend.  It’s a lot of emotional and social support.  You will never know how much this wish will change our lives and we will be eternally grateful for your support and generosity.”

Caleb,age 3 wants to hug Mickey mouse…

Diagnosis: Gastro-intestinal medical complications which needed liver transplant

Wish: I wish to hug my favorite characters at the Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida

A Little Bit about Little Caleb:  “Mr. Independent” is the nickname Caleb has earned for himself!  This imaginative, on-the-go little guy is always searching for new adventures or surprises and is probably dancing while doing it.  Caleb loves to watch movies and snack on his favorite treats of pizza and Cheeto’s.  Despite having to undergo a six-month house restriction, medications and weekly physical therapy, Caleb has always kept a big smile on his face.

Why Caleb Chose His Wish: When Caleb was asked to wish BIG, he dreamed of hugging his favorite characters that he watches on TV in the most magical place of all.  On the day of his wish, Caleb and his family will be picked up in a limousine and flying to Orlando. This is sure to the be the trip of a lifetime.

One of my favorite organizations my debit card is proof…..I know I am fighting everyday to make my dream come true.. sometimes people need a little support when their spending everyday fighting for their life. Grab your jeans and register your company, submit it to your place of work, oh…come on.. get your college INVOLVED!

Noah, age 8 would like a swimming pool…

Diagnosis: ASA Urea Cycle Disorder – an enzyme deficiency which is responsible for removing ammonia from the blood stream so the deficiency results in several complications.

Wish: My Very Own Swimming Pool in My Backyard

Favorite Games: This active and lovable little guy is an on-the-go boy.  Noah loves exercising his imagination and expanding his mind by playing with some of his favorite games and toys like Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Leapster and his Big Wheels.

Favorite Food: Rolos and Cool Ranch Doritos

Why Noah Chose His Wish:  Despite facing challenges his entire life and having to take medications 3 times a day and eat special foods- Noah has always stayed positive, optimistic and smiley lighting up every room he enters.   When Noah was asked to Wish BIG, he dreamed to swim and splash around with his friends and family and wishes for a pool.  During this cold weather season, plans are underway to make Noah’s dream a reality this summer.  Soon, this special 9-year old boy will get the chance to create new memories and adventures all in the comfort of his own swimming pool.

Leilani, age 3 would like to have tea with a princess…

Diagnosis: Wilm’s Tumor – a pediatric cancer of the kidney

Wish: Disney World

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Baby Cheetah

What Leilani loves to do: Whether she’s playing princess or snacking on chocolate chip cookies, Leilani is always sweet-as-can-be!  Very polite, this little girl delights everyone she meets with her wonderful attitude and her playful demeanor.

Why Leilani chose her wish: In 2011, Leilani was diagnosed with cancer, but that has never gotten in her way of being happy.  When asked to wish BIG, this little sweetheart knew exactly what she wanted!  Leilani wished to meet and have tea with her favorite princesses.  After a limousine ride to the airport, Leilani and her family will check-in to their private villa at Give Kids the World Village, a resort designed especially for children with medical conditions.  Leilani is most looking forward to visiting a special boutique where fairy-godmothers-in-training wave their magic wands, wield their curling irons, and open their wardrobes full of glittery dressed to transform little girls into real live princesses.  Surrounded by her family and loved ones, Leilani will get the total princess treatment as she explores the most magical place on earth.  It is sure to be a dream come true!

Gaby, age 4 wishes for Disney World!

Diagnosis: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

What Gabby Loves to Do: According to Gabby’s mom, Gabby is a sweet and loving little girl.  She is also really funny and loves making her parents and little brother laugh.   She delights in music and one her favorite things to do while she is in the hospital is have visits from her music therapist.  She is a picky eater but she does like to munch on Goldfish and eat vanilla ice cream.   Despite battling cancer, Gaby brings joy to all around her!

Why  Gabby Chose her Wish: Gabby has some verbal delays due to having Down Syndrome but she loves to sing and watch people singing on television.  She also loves to go walking outside with her family.  Before she was diagnosed with cancer, she had her first carousel ride and absolutely loved it.  Gabby’s parents are so excited for her to visit all the magical theme parks in Orlando and have a terrific experience.


I am seeing a trend here and we need to get Disney and Make a Wish with some serious wish programs! ..noted and on my “to do list” but until then. Register and WEAR jeans!

Let’s make a WISH and make a DIFFERENCE

Passionately yours,

The Butt Therapist

Q&A: 30×30 nah…

It’s Q&A time… trust me I am diving in my inbox.. thank you all for your patience- I love that you are asking! Q: I was hoping you could help me select a premium jean.  I’m 52 but I run so I’m in pretty good shape with no gut.  I am a professional and I’m looking for a good dress jean.  The issue I have is my waist is a 30 and inseam is also a 30 and I’m 5’6″.  I’m a bit thick through the thigh and butt.  Any suggestions? -Kevin
Answer by The Butt Therapist: Thanks for submitting your denim dilemma Kevin. Selecting your first premium jean can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are not used to the fabric and fit to compensate for the price. After 3 months you’ll see the value and become curious of all the denim out there and the endless options!
Try a size 31 in premium denim.
Kevin I chose The Austyn Relaxed straight leg if you really feel like you need the extra room through the thigh. It is the relaxed version of the Standardwhich would be my FIRST recommendation in the same ‘LA Dark” wash. Relaxed Straight Leg, Roomy Through Hip and Thigh, Zipper Fly, 9 oz. Denim

98% Cotton, 2% Spandex-Made in the USA—>

PRODUCT ID: 2083 / SKU: T0046380S/Price: $169.00

Front Rise: 8 3/4″, Back Rise: 14 1/4″
Inseam: 33 1/2″
Leg Opening: 18″

 My second pick is by Agave Denim in the Pragmatist fit in a the Enlighten Flex made in The Cone Mill USA using 10 oz denim, 94 / 5 / 1 cotton / poly / spandex, 3×1 right hand construction, hand sand, pocket edge grinding, abrasions, resin whiskers and knee patterns, potassium spray, stonewashed to a medium light indigo finish.

Classic fit, Straight Cut, Zipper Fly

10″ front rise, 15″ back rise, 17″ knee,

16.5″ bottom, 35″ inseam

Now, the MOST IMPORTANT  information in this blog post. ALTERATIONS are IMPERATIVE! Your denim just like your slacks should ALWAYS be tailored for YOU! Your jeans should hang 2/8 of an inch from the floor in your average shoe.

Now the cost of tailoring is nominal but not something that is MANDATORY to all premium clothing. Your inseam may be 30 but when you put on your shoes and measure 2/8 from the floor it will most likely be longer than that. This is why you want your denim to go that low. It lengthens the leg line and makes us look taller. Most tailors will do it for less than $20.00. Sure is a lot cheaper than having your legs stretched and less painful than wearing high heels like us girls. Damn you guys have it easy!

Happy denim shopping and please let me know what jeans you settle on and how you like the premium jeans vs good ol’ Levi’s.
All my denim love,
The Butt Therapist

Blue Gold: American Jeans

            Denim addict’s addiction has been globally verified. I was invited to the first cut and screening of Blue Gold: American Jeans on the big screen! New York has been good to me… meeting Executive Producer Mark Romeo when I arrived in town I got an introduction to the film and met a little more of my indigo family. *Go Giants!  “Blue jeans are as American as Bruce Springsteen or “Footloose,” they’re a part of everyday life whether we realize it or not.” – Christian D. Bruun.

Christian D. Bruun is an international producer / director, digital artist, and curator with more than fifteen years of professional experience in Europe, The United States, and Asia; a true pioneer in the field of digital film making, digital media and architectural design. The documentary celebrates the cultural impact of American Blue jeans through a journey on the open highway and across Atlantic. Behind the designers and brands that cultivated an iconic Americana grit culture and through the artists and rock stars that created an iconic wearable art that transforms with every wear.  The Blue Gold movie is a laid back film that tracks the journey from rebels and delinquents to take you into the cut throat world of vintage jeans hunters. Discoveries of dead rodents, original Cone Mills cover-all’s, forgotten trunks from the 1900’s and into exclusive Japanese denim actions will introduce you to the slightest details that make a pair of jeans sell for $25,000.

“Denim is my constant and I think in many ways it is it’s a language that needs no translation. We live our lives in our jeans and with that most of our memories happened or are going to happen in a pair of blue jeans! I think they deserve a little credit.” –The Butt Therapist

Levi Strauss… Adriano Goldschmied and Calvin Klein are three pioneers that have made a significant contribution to this indigo addiction. The denim industry is nothing new and nothing to be ignored. “Bruun’s documentary film brings the obsession over jeans to the front of the line. Whether you’re a biker, a fashionista or some punk rocker who doesn’t have enough holes in their jeans. Bruun takes us inside the countries of Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Scandinavia as well and shows us their fixation over jeans too.” –IMM

Independent Media Magazine  caught up with American jeans writer and director Christian D. Bruun.

“IMM: What made you want to do a movie on jeans?
Christian D. Bruun: At first it was the fact that people are paying, and will pay, tens of thousands of dollars for vintage jeans. In my quest to find out why it is the case, I came to understand the impact jeans have had all over the world and how much the value of jeans stems from its American roots and from the ideals for which the country stood. Fabricated or real, jeans resonated everywhere and perhaps in some way helped change the world. Its impact is undeniable.


IMM: Are jeans a big part of your life?
CDB: They are now! I have always worn jeans to some extent, but at the core of the film I discovered that the emotional value and cultural imagery that jeans embody has always been a part of my life; all of our lives.


IMM: What was it like filming across the world?
CDB: It has been an incredible journey meeting people from around the world, who all come together with enormous passion for a process and a tradition, and at the same time, a willingness to continuously reinvent and perfect that tradition. Jeans truly has connected the world.


IMM: Are there any differences to the way the cultures respond to blue jeans?
CDB: Almost all cultures — despite political, geographical, or religious differences— embrace and wear jeans. And even though jeans were originally American workwear, every culture has made them their own. The ideas and values that jeans stand for are universal.


IMM: Do you think jeans are overpriced, are they worth it?
CDB: It depends on where and how they are made. The price can be justified if you are paying for the time and thought put into the craftsmanship and materials used to make a pair of jeans. Sometimes you pay to feel better or sexier and sometimes you just want a pair of good old jeans. I think it is becoming more and more important that you know and understand where your jeans come from and from that make an informed decision about the money you want to spend.”

            For something to consume your world I feel it’s important to know where your jeans have come from, who inspired the lifestyle, the industry innovators who paved our cultural journey and know how your jeans are made today. Watch the ” target=”_blank”>Blue Gold movie Trailer and stick around for the film playing in Theaters some time soon…TBA. For single article of clothing to once be banned in theaters, restaurants, and schools to now be accepted as a wardrobe staple, allowed to be worn at work and considered everyday living… salute, To what denim has given us!


Who loves denim enough to make a film:

Original Screen play written by Christian D. Bruun

Written by John H. Marks, Theis Jessen and Christian D. Bruun

Produced by: Christian D. Bruun, Theis Jessen, and Mark Romeo

Executive Producers: Christine Detlefsen and Mark Romeo

Co-Producer: Jason Watkins

Associate Producer: Rafael Avigdor

Assistant to the Producers: Tara W. Cole


Thank you!

All my LOVE,

The Butt Therapist


“Revolutionary and conservative, sexy and romantic, elegant and casual, chic and sporty. No other fabric has been better at interpreting all our contradictions.” -Elio Fiorucci


QUESTION: I just listened your podcast and was wondering if you could help me. My husband is 42 and has asked for new jeans for casual work events (he is a computer consultant). I’d like to surprise him for Valentine’s Day. He typically wears Levi’s 559 Relaxed Straight. (size 32 / 32). I’d ideally like to keep it under $100 if possible, but willing to go up if I need to. Attached is a recent pictures of him.

Could you give me some suggestions?
Thanks, Denise

ANSWER: Hi Denise,

Thank you for your denim submission… you have a beautiful family .. I love the room the photo was taken in! My denim suggestion would be the Hudson 5-pocket Relaxed Straight leg (SMITHFIELD WASH)… Once he puts these on he’ll never want to turn back to his Levi’s. These are ultra soft and easy to wear everyday. The leg line is strong and the wash is a medium blue but still clean without aggressive fading. I recommend moving up to a size 33. Slightly over $100.00 but I can assure you denim retailing under $100.00 will not get you the premium denim experience that the industry was built upon. They are not rumors… the love is real! The key price difference in premium denim vs non premium denim is where they are made and the quality of cotton that is used. Made in the USA… brought to you straight from LA! The best way to get your denim and the price you want is to find a local retailer and have them call you when they have denim hit sale. If you are just starting to build your collection shop smart but we all splurge on our first pair.

 Nordstrom Rack & Saks off 5th are great places you can score premium denim at around $70.00 making it easy on your pocket-book and good for your toosh! I always suggest finding a small independently owned specialty boutique in your area… they need the business and will always call you when they have a killer sale on something they know you would like.
PPD would also be a good fit for your hubby…

Denim is a gift that keeps on giving…

 For you my dear… I would suggest trying Paige Premium Denim in the Hidden Hills Mckinnley Wash. Paige was an original fit model for several brands until she started her own denim collection. He jeans run a size small so make sure you size up. If you are a size 8 I would suggest buying a size 30 etc…
Happy Valentines Day.. I hope I got back to you in time to do your shopping!
All my denim love,
Your Butt Therapist

Shame on me…


““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““By: Casey Golden aKa The Butt Therapist


Shuffling to and from work you see a lot of #denim butts in a NYC subway. Not only am I searching out my train route but cataloguing every pocket detail and brand stamp on passing derriere’s. There was a girl holding hands with her bf  walking up the stairs in front of me with great pocket placement and a killer wash. The word Maj was lightly under dyed on the right rear pocket. It went in to my notes of things to research… 3 days later I got a twitter message from Marc Allison Jeans. When I pulled up the website there was the Maj logo. My curiosity got the best of me… as usual;  I had to get them on!


Shame on me… for not searching out Maj Denim before they found me; Thank you twitter! I’ve got radar finding people making jeans in their living room to passionate production on tiny tropical islands. A textile mill in LA turned to denim brand… how could I miss it? I wish working ridiculous hours a week was a good enough excuse! Passionate denim heads have a way of finding each other if not to just talk shop with someone who gets it.

Marc Allison Jeans  introduced a revolution in premium denim. The collection is made of a completely new fabric that no other brand offers – “a four-way X-FIT stretch denim infused with Supima cotton that makes for a stunningly flattering fit, extraordinary movement and comfort with great recovery. Based in Los Angeles, Marc Allison Jeans was co-founded by textile veteran and premium denim expert, Marc Flashberg and his wife Allison.  The duo set out to design classic and sophisticated jeans with an emphasis on fit and comfort that naturally complements every woman’s individuality and sense of style. A 30-year veteran in the textile business, Flashberg developed a driving passion for premium denim at the onset of the denim explosion. After spending years introducing innovative products to top premium denim labels, it became clear to Flashberg that there was a void in the market. Until now, the belief was that fit and comfort was achieved primarily through the pattern. Flashberg realized that the pattern alone cannot offer fit and comfort. Jeans need to be able to move with the body, retain their shape and look good. He concluded that this level of fit and comfort can only truly be achieved through the fabric, which then complements the pattern. Pulling from his early experience in knits, five years ago Flashberg came up with the revolutionary idea of creating a four-way stretch denim to provide the ultimate in fit and comfort for denim aficionados.

Through further exploration of the concept, the mill Marc represented learned that Invista, a global integrated producer of polymers and fibers, had already begun research on the creation of a yarn that would allow denim to stretch in the length as well as the width. Working together with Invista, the XFIT was born and the first generation of fabric that offers fit, comfort and recovery was introduced to the market. Every pair of Marc Allison Jeans features this T400 technology — authentic ring spun yarns containing unique fiber memory that sculpts the body and maintains its shape day after day, wash after wash. Marc Allison jeans have been sold at Theory, Fred Segal Girl, Lisa Kline and other specialty boutiques in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Lebanon, Israel and England.”  BUY NOW

With the rising cost of cotton many brands have been blending synthetic fibers like polyurethane, spandex and elastane to compensate for cost and improve their fit retention in the past 3 years. Fit aside, it doesn’t take a genius or a skilled eye to create a nice dark jean. Wether it’s a mercer wash or saturated in indigo the skill comes in the ability to wash the garment beautifully.  This is what has made Diesel stand out in the market for decades and one of the reasons they use 100%, 99% and 98% cotton blends. It gives them the ability to manipulate the indigo shades and process wash treatments when using a higher natural fiber percentage. In contrast, most Paige Jeans are currently made with 40% polyethylene and focused on pretty basic washes. I dare Mrs. Geller to make the Hidden Hills in a Medium light wash again. xox

Dying synthetic fibers naturally or chemically treating them to look naturally faded is not the easiest task. So, when Marc asked me which pair of their Fall 2012 collection jeans I was most interested in seeing I chose the Selly in the powder wash. Impress me with a stretch fit in a unique shade and killer wash treatment. Impress is just what they did. Having a light washed stretch jeans with a unique wash treatment is not easily accomplished and not many brands are trying these days. When brands are focused on marketing budgets, material costs, production locations vs brand dilution you are seeing a lot of skinny dark jeans trending... p.s Miss Fashionista, this is the most cost-effective to produce. It says a little bit about your brands priorities… get a techy addicted to denim and he’s gonna find a way to re-create the denim not just the pattern. Marc has some major props in my book as he and his wifes initials will be stamped on my ass; because Marc Allison Jeans are sexy… easy as that.

Personally, I am a tough fit. I grew up as a gymnast and have the lower body that still reflects a solid frame. I am a 150 lbs size 4 (27) with a VERY short rise. A high rise jean on me grazes the bottom of my bra; comedy. Since I have been a size 2-14 all in a matter of weeks I have had the opportunity to know first hand how my body changes from a size 6 to a size 10. Living in denim everyday it required weekly purchases as I dropped a large amount of  break-up weight. That’s a whole other story. This is how I was able to use my body as a reference to fit my clients. I’ve been a size 12..I get it and I’ve been a size 2 I understand!  That combined with personally fitting over 5,000 butts effortlessly, men or women continue to come to me for my denim picks- I can save a lot of time and sometimes a few tears.

My personal best fitting jean as a size 27 is Abercrombie & Fitch and Hudson’s Couture Collection (hard to find but retails around $305.00). However, being a denim connoisseur A&F dosen’t offer the quality and details I prefer but damn they fit me like a pair of jeans should. That is until my left leg falls off when I get out of my car. Being addicted to denim I have favorites that I will wear day in and day out purely because my jeans are works of art not because they fit the great or give me the best toosh… I am over what my toosh looks like in a pair of jeans- pocket placement will not detour me if the jeans are badass! We are Replay are coveted in my closet; one day they will be framed. The second I buttoned the Marc Allison Jeans I knew they had done it; they have created the RIGHT fit for me. Finally, I get a pair of jeans that fit the way I want them to while not having to sacrificing on quality and production value structures. I spend all my energy helping other people find their perfect fit and here I was still looking for the perfect mix of quality, passion, and fit for my go to jeans. I know I will not get everything I want for me and you in one collection… but I am getting closer to creating the GOLD BAR my picks for all the attributes that can make a pair of jeans coveted.

Marc Allison Jeans run about a size big. Don’t lie to yourself BUY THE RIGHT SIZE! If you are a STRONG 28 in 7 for all Mankind by a 27. If you are a size 30 go ahead and buy a size 30 in the regular rise and a 29 in the mid-rise; my adjustment should correlate properly. The Selly is a lower rise, with a  curved-waist band that slopes in the front just enough to graze my hip bones and keep my lacy whites under cover when I sit. They look like REAL jeans… and feel like jeans not jeggings! They move with me while keeping my pockets where they are supposed to be- 3/4 of an inch below the bottom of my fanny. With all this stretch in the market place your pockets are dancing behind you moving all over the place while you walk… have a friend video tape it… it’s interesting! I have thighs. Generally they pull jeggings and high stretch jeans down off my toosh and I am continually pulling them back up-giving my pockets placement no permanent home on my toosh.  Maj jeans stay in place while you walk, do not provide Shar pei wrinkled legs or smiley face butt cheeks. They are a winner in my book…


Marc Allison Jeans is made with a unique Supima Cotton (Made in the USA) overlay to create a soft hand. Only a few denim brands use it in their fabric blends because it is more expensive to use. Agave Jeans is another company that supports Supima Cotton “it’s the best!” Your knowledge as a consumer is the key to your closet! Know what you buy, who you are buying it from and make sure you LOVE every piece. You have been shopping for at least a decade for yourself… if you can not grab 12 items in your closet that you LOVE “you’re FIRED!  It is in your best interest to outsource the service. Find a pro, you will find yourself with a better wardrobe, cooler pieces, more style and a lot of saved cash by buying only a few AMAZING pieces a year.  You choose who makes it and who doesn’t in this industry… choose passionately!

All my denim love,

The Butt Therapist